Insurance Every South African Home Needs

    Insurance is a necessity for every South African household.

    Whether you are looking at cover for a vehicle, house contents, or buildings, when you have taken out a policy it gives you peace of mind that in the event of something happening unexpectedly, you have the necessary protection to cover a financial loss.

    Insurance companies

    There are many types of cover available from several major short term insurers. Most companies like Auto and General, classify their products under “general insurance” or short term cover.

    Insurance for South African Homes

    Insurance Quotes Online in South Africa

    General cover provided by a company like Virgin money are non-life cover and provide cover for vehicles and household contents.

    Each company has its own classification for items that are taken out of the house like cell phones and jewellery. In the case of MiWay, this type of portable content will be included in the “All risk Insurance”category.

    Other companies might define it as “Portable Possessions” or “Portables Insurance”. Many times, these items need to be specified in the contract.Be sure to consult you insurer about this as it might have an effect when comes to claims.

    Companies like Budget and First for Women provide Building insurance. If you are a homeowner, this is of the utmost importance to have. In the case of damage in structure, landslides or other damage due to nature, damage repairs to your home or building can get very expensive if not covered by an insurance company.

    If you are accumulating Voyager miles due to constant travelling abroad or if you are lucky enough to spend your holidays overseas, a travel policy from Regent Insurance is something you need to investigate. In the effect of lost luggage,potential life-threatening diseases of if you purse or passport is stolen, Travel insurance will take away that foal taste in the mouth of dealing with a predicament while in a foreign country.

    Car and life cover

    There are companies that offer both general insurance as well as life cover. Sometimes, it is worth requesting car insurance quotes from such an insurance company because many times, if you take out life cover, vehicle insurance as well as house hold cover at one company, you will get discounted rates. For motorbike cover, read more.

    When you take out car insurance, be sure to enquire about roadside assistance. Road side assistance is included in most car insurance premiums, but be sure to find out what this additional service includes and if there are expenses not covered.

    Insurance quotes

    Because there are many insurance companies in South Africa that offer different products at competitive rates, it is always good to compare car insurances and request quotations. Getting a quotation is easy. Simply complete and submit the form on this page. Once the company has received your information, a broker will contact you.