Check Your Gutters – Make a Difference!

Gutters are more important than they may seem. These troughs divert rain runoff away from your house and prevent water from gathering at the foundation, which could cause serious problems.

If you notice water pooling near your home after a rain storm, that area may need gutters. When installing them, extend downspouts away from the house and, if possible, discharge water underground with PVC pipes to drain into the street.

Even better: if you can invest in a large plastic water container, you can direct the water from the roof into the container and use it to water your vegetable garden.

Clean Gutters

Clean and clear your gutters of debris regularly. If you notice that the gutter or downpipes are sagging or falling, you may need to replace the hardware that secures them to your home. LeGuttersaks can be repaired using a gutter sealant available at many hardware stores.

So, ensure your gutter system is effectively channeling water away from your home and keeping your foundation dry.

Aesthetic Appeal

There are not many ways you can easily upgrade the ‘look’ of your house at low cost. Yes, a lick of paint makes a huge difference. Another difference you can make is to get old gutters replaced with new aluminium guttering. This is a cheaper operation than you might imagine.

Simple tips like these can create a happier, healthier and more valuable home.


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