Santam Insurance for Cell Phones

If you have a history of being careless with your expensive cell phones you will need insurance.  This insurance will ensure that you’re never out of communication with the rest of the world.

Of course the cell phones of 2018 have amazing features with expensive hardware. There are some cell phones that are extremely expensive. In fact, without insurance, you would never be able to replace it if it incurred damage or someone stole it.

Insurance policies for cell phones

Policies vary significantly and there are policies that cover you for –

  • accidental damage
  • loss
  • unauthorised calls
  • valuable content on your phone
  • cell phone accessories


Santam offers insurance for cell phones. Their cell phone insurance compensates you for loss or damage to items such as your cell phone which you take with you when you leave your home.

People trust Santam because this South African financial services group has been around since Insurance for Cell Phones from Santam1918 already. Millions of South Africans over the last century have insured their goods with Santam, South Africa’s biggest short-term insurer. Today they are still a leading leading general insurer in the country.

Santam provides a diverse range of general insurance products and services, one of which is cell phone insurance.  They have a multi-product and a multichannel distribution offering which is able to ensure clients have comprehensive cover through lots of value-added products.

Useful information on Cell Phone Insurance

On Santam’s website you’ll see they offer useful information on the products they insure. They offer advise and tips on how best to get cell phone insurance. When it comes to tablets and cell phones, Santam knows that these devices you very often carry them away from home.

You get a New Phone or Receive Cash

This means you’ll need an all-risks policy, They advise their clients to check whether they have device cover under their unspecified all-risk insurance. Cell phones will need to be insured for their replacement value, and your device will either be replaced with a new one or you are paid out the full replacement value.

Santam always advises you to check your policy for exclusions and requirements and to also bear in mind that there is an excess fee of R500 for cell phone claims.

Apart from comprehensive cover, Santam also offers Limited Cover which is cover for theft under your house contents for when your cell phone is stolen from your home. There is also SOS services included where you can get 6 free SOS services.

Cell Phone Accessories are also Covered

The financial services group wants to make sure that their customers have the right cover for their cell phones. They cover your smart phone as well as those necessary accessories such as head phones as well as power banks if they are specified in your home insurance policy.

Who can afford to pay full retail costs for a new cell phone when your has been stolen or damaged? Very few, and its why it’s worth talking to Santam about insuring your phone because then they will compensate you in the event of loss or damage. Request a quote from them for affordable cell phone insurance and peace of mind.


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