Liability Insurance for the General Householder

Personal liability insurance is like keeping a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. You’ll probably never need it, but if you ever do need liability insurance, you’ll be thankful to have the cover.

What is Liability Insurance?

It is liability cover against any party suing you in a personal capacity for physical injury, financial loss or death.

Personal liability insurance is a form of insurance that you usually don’t need to pay for separately. It’s included in household insurance or homeowners insurance and third party liability.

What is Liability?

Liability insurance covers pretty much any form of liability – be it passenger liability; professional liability or public liability. This means there’s usually an overlap between the Liability Insuranceliability cover you get with a homeowner’s policy and a householder’s policy.

Let’s say your dog runs out the gate and attacks a passer-by. That person sues you for their medical expenses. Liability insurance covers you for such incidents.

Liability cover in a homeowner’s policy will offer liability insurance relating to the house’s structure and permanent fittings. So if a wall collapses onto someone else’s car, you’re covered.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance goes beyond what happens in and around your house. Insurers will look at your interests and address you and your family members who live at the property. But cover isn’t restricted to things that happen on the premises. Public liability insurance South Africa covers you anywhere in SA and overseas.

Typical public liability insurance cover includes:

  • Replacing or restoring damaged property
  • Medical costs
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering of injured parties
  • Legal expenses

Liability insurance will extend beyond what you expect. It will also cover you if, for example, Liability Coverageyou’re part of a neighbourhood watch and are sued for wrongful arrest. Or if someone steals your credit card and runs up large debts.

Standard liability insurance also covers you for legal representation in the event of a criminal case.

How to Prove Liability

For an injured party to bring a case against you, they need to prove that you’re to blame for injury or loss. The plaintiff will need to prove 4 things:

  1. That the action was wrong
  2. That it’s your fault – be it through negligence or intent. If negligence is argued, the plaintiff needs to have foreseen the possibility of harm arising from an action and you should have taken steps to prevent harm, which you failed to do.
  3. The connection between the damage and action shouldn’t be too remote. This is known as causation.
  4. It should established that the plaintiff did suffer harm for which he or she should be reasonably compensated.

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