Short Term Car Insurance for South Africa

Short term car insurance is just one of the many types of the types of short term insurance policies on the market. If you get confused with what is the difference between long term insurance and short term insurance, then it is quite simple.

  • Long term insurance involves insuring actual people, such as when you take out a life insurance policy.
  • Short term insurance is a policy that covers anything else, for example when you insure a van, your house contents or your car. Although you might insure your home for a period of twenty years, it is still considered to be short term insurance. With short term insurance, as your needs change, you can change your short term insurance policies.

About cheap car insurance

The term cheap car insurance may give you the impression that your short term car insurance will only cover the bare minimum. This is not necessarily the case. As with everything in life, it is always best to shop around first. Buying short term car insurance is no different. Cheap car insurance is now available because it is a very competitive market.

Short Term Car InsuranceThere are over ten million vehicles on our roads in South Africa. Each one of these vehicles needs to be insured by one of the many car insurance companies. All of the insurance companies such as Auto & General are vying for your business, and therefore need to be competitive. That means they have to try and provide cheaper short term car insurance than the other car insurance companies.

How to get short term car insurance

When you are looking to take out short term car insurance you should contact various companies and ask for car insurance quotes. Generally all the insurance providers will have a website where you can get a quote by completing and submitting the form on the page.

The providers of short term car insurance base their car insurance quotes on the profile that you must provided to them. After they have confirmed that the facts received are correct they will send you their most competitive short term car insurance.

How to compare quotes

It is important that when you receive the various quotations that you carry out a car insurance comparison. The insurance quote calculated will be based on the profile that you have sent to the short term car insurance company. You need to compare car insurance quotes received against one another.

There are over one hundred companies supplying short term insurance in South Africa. It can therefore be quite difficult to know which one to select. Because of this you may want to use the services of an insurance broker.

Best Car Insurance for instance will take your profile and send you quotations for policies that they believe are most suited to you. It is then down to you to see which of the policies offered best suits your needs. For example some companies provide a car tracker service as part of their policy. The cost of this is in the quote and is likely to have increased the quoted amount. If your car is low value, or you live and work in a low crime area, then this additional cost is unnecessary.

Where to get van insurance

Most car insurance policies run for a period of a year. If you do not need car or van insurance for such a long period, then you can take out temporary car insurance.

For instance if you were in need of a van, perhaps to move house and you were able to borrow a van from a friend. In such a case you would want to take out temporary car insurance so that you are insured whilst driving the van. It is the same principle as when you rent a car from a car rental agency.

The insurance you are provided with does not cover a whole year, just the period for which you are renting the car. If you rent a van from Budget for instance, they will already have a company providing their temporary car insurance.

If you were to borrow a van from a friend, then he should contact his short term car insurance provider so that temporary insurance can be provided to you for the period that you will be driving the van.