PPS for Professionals as Defined Here

If you are a professional, then you cannot do better than PPS for professionals, an authorised financial services provider,

They are a membership owned company and their operating profits, as well as the profits they acquire from investment, are shared amongst its members.

PPS products and services add value for professionals, plus PPS offer tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare products to their clients.

The Professional Provident Society is an exclusive society, with PPS for professionals being what traditional insurers are for their customers. They offer much more to their qualifying members.

PPS for Professionals and South African Insurance Companies

Definition of a ProfessionalWhen it comes to insurance for practitioners, PPS for professionals offers unique products in a way that both appeals and applies to industry professionals.

Compared with other South African insurers, like Miway insurance, Prime Meridian insurance and Regent Insurance, PPS for professionals offers high quality, value-for-money, innovative products to their members.

While the membership is primarily exclusively for those who have achieved academically, PPS for professionals also provides multiple access points to members.

Take a closer look at just what PPS is

PPS is an exclusive society and a multi-disciplinary group of South African professional graduates from every corner of the globe.

With PPS insurance, you enjoy a share in profits, while also receiving excellent benefits. The PPS insurance company offers you these accumulative benefits up to retirement and is held in your membership account.

More About PPS For Professionals

PPS is open only to graduating professionals, or to those people who already possess a four-year degree. It is also open to those who possess Honours, Masters and Doctorate qualifications. It is open to those who are studying towards these qualifications too, if, upon qualification, their profession is one that lends them to eligibility for membership.

Amongst businesses that qualify for PPS for professionals, coverage is Accounting, Architecture, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Science, and Surgery, amongst others.

PPS Short Term Insurance

PPS for professionals has short term insurance that offers you a wide range of benefits. PPS Insurance South Africa offers you free 24/7 home assistance and roadside assistance. They also offer a free Asset Risk Survey on the contents of your home. All risk cover is another benefit, where you get covered for items that you take out of your home that end up across the world.

PPS MembershipPPS short term insurance is comprehensive, offering you as part of your Buildings Cover, unlimited geyser coverage, as well as accidental damage to TV and glass coverage, as part of your Home Contents cover. PPS for professionals is certainly an exclusive group of people, but this is part of their appeal. Also this is the key to the phenomenal success that they have enjoyed to date.

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