Home Business Insurance

There are so many remarkable benefits to running your own home business. No more answering to a boss, no more spending a fortune on clothes to look the part and no more dealing with road rage and rising fuel costs. Here we will look at home business insurance.

You can get by without a lot of things with a home business, but you can’t get by without insurance. Your ongoing livelihood depends on it.

If you run a business from your home, chances are your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it fully. There are just so many risks with a home business. If your computer is stolen during a robbery for instance, in all likelihood, it won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance as it is regarded as business equipment.

Home Business InsuranceIt’s because of this confusion that it is worth chatting with your insurance provider to find out about covering business risks.

Different Types of Home Business Insurance

It can be difficult to know which kind of insurance you need for your small business. They all have different names but boil down to the same thing. There’s theft cover, motor cover, physical assets cover, business interruption cover, Internet insurance, public liability cover and much more.

  • Because home businesses are a growing trend, insurance companies offer insurance packages that provide home- and business insurance in one.
  • There is even Renter’s Insurance which applies to those who rent their home. The coverage protects against damage to the property, contents of the property as well as personal injury within the home.
  • Public liability cover is important because this covers the loss or damage to a third party while they’re on your premises. Every business in fact, and not only a home business, needs to have liability insurance.
  • What about Commercial Auto Insurance? You may have just one company vehicle that you use to convey products and employees around. With commercial auto insurance, you can insure your vehicles from accidents and damage. Even if you don’t have a company car, but employees use their cars for company-related errands. You need some form of auto liability cover for incidences like this as well.
  • Worker’s Compensation is another kind of insurance to look at and provides cover for employees who are injured on the job. It will provide wage replacement as well as medical benefits to those who are injured while working.

Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

Having a home- or small-business policy is an important consideration as it can mean the survival of your business after something catastrophic happens. Home business insurance takes care of all those things you worry about – fire, water damage, accidents in the workplace, medical expenses and much more.


Remove the Dark Cloud of Worry

The risk of anything happing to your home business is unlikely. But the consequences can put you out of business forever, not to mention legal action too. Nobody wants to conduct business with such a dark cloud hanging over them. And insurance takes away this dark cloud and replaces it with sunshine.


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