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PPS Professional Insurance for Professionals

PPS Professional started in 1941 and is a unique type of insurance company.  Eight dentists looking for a better type of insurance for professionals started the firm.

They wanted to form a company that covered professionals if they were unable to practice their professions due to injury or bad health. So you will not find PPS on the stock exchange as it is not a typical type of insurance company.

Because, unlike most insurance companies, PPS Professional belongs to its members. That means that any profits are shared among its members at the end of each financial year.

What does PPS Professional mean?

PPS professional stands for Professional Provident Society. Significantly, it is unlike any other insurance provider in South Africa, whether long term or short term and membership and cover are restricted.

Who qualifies for PPS Professional insurance?

To become a member of PPS insurance, you have to be a graduate professional, or at least in your fourth year of study towards attaining a four-year professional degree. Note that PPS Professional PPS Professionalmembership is exclusive to  certain professions only.

And the degree that you are working towards or have must be for one of the specified PPS professions. These include:

  • Accountants
  • Actuaries
  • Advocates
  • Agriculturalists
  • Archaeologists
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Auditors
  • Biologists
  • Dentists
  • Dieticians
  • Economists
  • Gynaecologists
  • Linguists
  • Meteorologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Radiologists
  • Scientists
  • Social Workers
  • Surgeons
  • Veterinarians

It should be noted that this is not the extensive list of professions eligible for membership of PPS Professional. As you can see, it is geared mainly to professionals in specialist fields. To find out if you are working in, or studying towards a profession which will make you entitled to become a member of PPS professional, you should contact them by filling out their online form then submitting it. You can also get a quote by completing and submitting their form online.

Once you are a member of PPS Professional, you are in a great situation. That’s because PPS pricing is very competitive to other insurance providers. As only specialist professionals are permitted to become members, the amount of PPS claims made low. The fewer the claims made, the more profit there is at the end of the year. The profits achieved over the year are then Profmeddistributed to the members irrespective of whether the member has made a claim during the year or not.

Types of cover PPS Professional insurance includes

PPS for professionals provides access to the wide range of products that you would find available for both long term and short term insurance providers.

The following are the types of cover and professional insurance offered to its members by PPS professional:

  • Home contents and car insurance
  • Disability cover
  • Business Assurance
  • Access to Profmed – a restricted medical scheme
  • Critical illness cover
  • Life assurance
  • Sickness and permanent incapacity benefits
  • Retirement and savings

PPS Professional is extremely student friendly. For instance, they have PPS Student,  geared to the student still studying for their chosen profession. So this policy will cover the student for sickness and hospital expenses and permanent incapacity.

To get a FREE insurance quote, please complete and send the form on this page

PPS Short Term Insurance Restricted to Professionals

PPS was founded way back in 1941.PPS short term insurance was designed to meet the needs of professional people.

The Professional Provident Society of South Africa was founded at the time of the Second World War. It was a time of death, sickness and illness due to World War II raging throughout the world.

Those who initiated the formation of PPS short term insurance were professionals such as doctors and dentists. They were concerned that they themselves may be injured during the course of their work resulting in them either being off from work for some time, or permanently. They were worried that if such a thing happened to them that they would have no means to support themselves or their families. Thus PPS short term insurance was formed to cover these professionals.

What is short term insurance?

PPS Short Term InsuranceThere are basically two types of insurance policies available, short term insurance and long term insurance.People often fail to understand the difference between the two. Quite simply short term insurance is an insurance policy that you take out to cover anything happening to your possessions.

For example you may want to cover the contents of your house in case they are stolen or damaged due to a fire or flood. You will need to take out insurance on your vehicle in case you are involved in an accident, or your vehicle is stolen. Short term insurance companies take the risk in exchange for you paying them a monthly premium.

The premiums vary from company to company and you should shop around to get the best deal and cheaper car insurance.Any disputes arising between a client and one of the short term insurance companies such as Momentum short term insurance should be sent to the ombudsman for short term insurance for resolution.

Long term insurance is an insurance policy that you take out to cover anything happening to you as a person.Life insurance is an example of long term insurance. Just because you take out building insurance on your house for a period of twenty years for instance, it does not mean that it is long term insurance. You are covering a possession not a person. Therefore, irrespective of the length of the policy, as it is covering a possession rather than a person then it falls into the category of short term insurance.

Who can use PPS short term insurance?

PPS short term insurance is only available to a certain type of professional. If you are studying to become a professional in one of these categories you may also become a member of PPS short term insurance once in your fourth year of your professional degree. In a wPPS Professional Accountay it is similar to a restricted medical scheme where only certain people are allowed to join the medical scheme.

Professions eligible to use PPS short term insurance include Surgeons, Dentists, Radiologists, Attorneys and Pharmacists. This is by no means an extensive list of the professions allowed to join and use PPS short term insurance. For more information on who can take out PPS short term insurance you may contact them online and complete their online form.You are also able to get insurance quotes by completing and submitting their form online.

More about PPS

PPS short term insurance is owned by its members. Because of this they will always try to provide the lowest car insurance for their members and competitive and cheaper insurancefor all the other products they offer their members. At the end of the year any profits are divided among the members of PPS short term insurance.

* Watch this and other PPS videos on YouTube

Insurance Companies Cover Life’s Unexpected Events

Insurance companies are a service provider. They sell insurance products to protect you and your assets from damage, theft and other types of risk.Different insurance companiestend to specialise in certain areas. For instance some may only provide long term insurance. Others may provide various short term insurances policies, while others may deal with only one type of short term insurance such as cheap car insurance.

Insurance companies in South Africa

There are great many insurance companies in South Africa. All of the insurance companies in South Africa fall under the supervision of the Financial Services Board (FSB). The role of the FSB is to ensure that all these insurance companies are financially sound and treat their customers fairly. As in other countries, some insurance companies deal with long term insurance and others in short term insurance.

Insurance CompaniesDue to the high crime rate in South Africa, insurance against theft is an important product sold by insurance companies. When taking out car insurance, it is always a good idea to make sure that your policy will cover you if your car is stolen. If you have valuable items in your house, then you would want to consider taking out a house contents policy. There are insurance companies which specialize in home contents insurance. Such a policy can cover your valuables against a number of risks such as theft, fire or flooding.Often if you have a bond on your home your bank will offer to provide both the contents insurance and the building insurance.

List of car insurance companies

There are many car insurance companies in South Africa. Below is a list containing the names of the better known car insurance companies.All of these insurance companies have a website, and you can usually get a quote by completing and submitting the form on their website.

1st For Women

AA Insurance

Absa idirect

AIG South Africa

Alexander Forbes Group

Alexander Forbes Insurance

Auto & General insurance company

BOE Insurance

Budget Car Insurance

Dial Direct Insurance

Guardrisk Insurance

Hippo Insurance

Hollard Insurance

Hollard Pay as You Drive

King Price

MiWay Insurance

Momentum Insurance

Mutual and Federal Insurance

Nedcor Insurance




Virgin Insurance

Where to find the lowest car insurance quotes

To find the lowest car insurance available it is often simpler to contact a car insurance broker via their website. They will then be able to send you online insurance quotes. Compare Car Insurance is one such broker from whom you can get a quote by completing and submitting the form on their webpage. They will then send you up to twelve car insurance quotes from different insurance companies which you can compare to see which one fits your needs the best.

Alternatively, you can contact any of the numerous short term insurance companies directly and ask them to send you a quote. It is highly recommended however, that you obtain several insurance quotes and compare them with one another. Make sure that the policy offered by the insurance companies from whom you receive quotes covers your current needs. It is not always necessary to take out the most comprehensive and expensive policy. Decide what your needs are, and select the cheapest policy that fits your requirements.

Getting Inside What PPS Car Insurance Really Means

When it comes to getting car insurance quotes, PPS car insurance truly offers you great value for money. Provided you can get in-yes, there are strict criteria for membership-you can enjoy a multitude of benefits from using PPS car insurance. These benefits are not unlike some of the benefits offered by other insurers, like Outsurance car insurance, but you are almost guaranteed access to these benefits if you use PPS car insurance.

If you want to enjoy free 24/7 access to roadside assistance, the replacement of your vehicle at current market value, and cover for the loss of your keys, then PPS should be on your radar. There are a few things that you need to know about this company, however.

PPS Insurance South Africa

PPS Car InsuranceNot all car insurances are created equal. This is both because of the integrity of the company, and also the quality of the claim. PPS South Africa, is an exclusive society, one that is member-owned, so that the success of the company depends upon the quality of its members, and their ability to pay for their benefits. PPS car insurance is a part of this unique company, and when you think of the need to have car insurance, South Africa as a country makes the need for this painfully obvious.

PPS is not available to just anybody, however.

Who Can Make Use Of PPS Insurance Company?

Unlike other insurers, like Prime Meridian car insurance, PPS car insurance is not available to everybody. In fact, the PPS Insurance Company only accepts members who hold a four-year degree qualification, at least, or the equivalent thereof. They also accept students in their final year of study, whether their resulting qualification will be an Honours, Masters, or Doctorate degree, who will be entering fields that are eligible for membership.

PPS car insurance might seem to be a product for the select few, and while this is true, the reasons for it are clear.

About PPS Car Insurance

PPS car insurance should be a primary concern if you are a professional buying a new motor car. Insurance is in fact a condition for being financed for the purchase of this asset in South Africa. PPS for professionals is the preferred insurer for professionals, and PPS car insurance truly covers you for the full current market value of your asset as of the time you are in an accident or have it stolen.

This is the number one reason that many professionals today are opting for PPS car insurance. It is the reason that this select group of people are opting for other PPS short term insurance products too.

Other PPS Short Term Products

Along with PPS car insurance, you can also get comprehensive cover for your home goods, contents and the building itself. There is a reason why insurance is also called risk management, the goal of the concept captured perfectly by this term. PPS professional covers you for loss, damage or theft, much like PPS car insurance. The Professional Provident Society really is a one-stop shop for the insurance requirements of professionals.

* PPS Beethoven commercial on YouTube

Santam Leading South African Short Term Insurer

A definite veteran in the insurance industry, Santam has stood the test of time. They have been providing high quality insurance products to their customers for very many years. They have managed to do this affordably too. You just need to think of the Santam car insurance policy, and get Santam car insurance quotes to know this.

Santam is proof that when you find something that works, stick to it. They are also proof that even the most successful business models need to be revisited, and adjusted in order to keep up with the times. This has led to their massive evolution, and the success that they as a company enjoy today, and that you as a customer enjoy.

About Santam Insurance South Africa

Santam is a premier insurer in South Africa, one that believes that insurance should add value to your life. They understand what is important to you, and you just need to go to Santam online to Santamsee how they have streamlined their business, making even their claims process relatively easy and accessible.

Santam caters for your short term, with their Santam short term insurance. With over 22%of the market share, the company has solidified their place in the insurance industry, and their products range from Life and Business, to the comprehensive Santam vehicle insurance policy. They have a unique approach to insurance, and this has ensured that they enjoy a large part of the market today, something that no other insurer can claim.

The multiplex product is one that has seen a massive evolution over the last while. Let us now discuss just how it works.

How Santam Multiplex Works

The Santam Multiplex product is a multichannel distribution product that is multiproduct based, bringing these products directly and comprehensively to the short-term insurance market in South Africa. That is the long and short of it. The company has, through this product, made available motor vehicle, household, personal accident and liability cover. A number of value-add products are also made available to their clients.

This product and its attached benefits are made available to you, the client, through the Broker Services unit, an outsourced Portfolio Administration business, and direct business. You can make Santam claims easily with through any of these channels.

Santam is a true leader in the field of insurance, and getting quotes from them is very easy. The following section covers this.

Where To Get Santam Insurance Quotes

Santam really does insurance very well. They pay careful consideration to you and your needs, apply the principles of due diligence, and show incredible expertise in their dealings with you, the client. If you are not yet with Santam insurance, you can request a quote from Santam. The Santam insurance quote that you receive might just convince you to switch insurers.

Santam offers good risk rewards, where clients who prove themselves to be good risks get up to a 25% saving on their premium. With their claims handled with care and accountability too, the company looking at the reasons they should pay you rather than focusing on the reasons they should not, I hope you are asking yourself why you are not already insured with them.

First for Women Charge Lower Premiums for Woman Drivers

Back in 2002 it was observed that there was a market for car insurance exclusive to women. Surveys showed that men are more likely to have a road accident than women. It has also been proven that a far higher percentage of men drink and drive than women. With women having fewer and less costly accidents, First for Women was set up. By only covering female drivers,First for Women were able to provide cheaper car insurance as female drivers are lower insurance risks.

Women and short term insurers

Insurance companies tend to have a set rate that they charge based on the type of car insurance that you request and on your profile. When they profile you they take into consideration the type of car that you drive. The more expensive and higher performance the car, the higher your premiums will be. They will take into consideration where you live. If you First for Womenlive in a high crime area then there is a bigger risk of the car being stolen. Therefore it will be more costly to insure than if you lived in a low crime area. They will look at your driving routine.

If you only travel short distances locally then you are a lesser risk than someone that drives long distances on busy highways. They will look at your previous claims to see if you have had an accident in the past. They look at many other things as well, but until First for Women came onto the scene, there were no woman car insurers. The fact that female drivers are a lesser risk than their male counterparts was never taken into consideration. First for Women is the only short term insurance provider to take this fact into consideration.

What is First for Women?

First for Women is a short term insurance provider specifically catering to the needs of women. By only providing car insurance to women, 1st for women can offer lower premiums. First for Women car insurance takes into account the fact that women are a lesser insurance risk than men when it comes to driving a vehicle. First for Women also recognises that when driving, a woman’s needs are different to a man’s. For instance Directions Assist is available. This is a 24-hour helpline which can be used to get directions if required whilst driving within South Africa.

First for Women insurance

First for Woman does not only provide cheap car insurance to women. Over the years First for Women have introduced more insurance products designed to meet the specific needs of women. They now also provide motorcycle insurance, caravan and trailer insurance, buildings insurance, home contents insurance to name but a few.

To get a quote from First for Women all you need to do is complete and submit the form on their webpage. Once you have received your online quote insurance you should compare it with at least three other insurance quotes.There are many insurance providers in South Africa, and even if you are a female, it does not necessarily mean that First for Women will offer you the cheapest policy for your specific needs.
Another great benefit offered by First for Women  is their Cash Back Plus. If you do not make any First for Women claims for four consecutive years you will receive your first year’s premiums as a cash back reward.

Check out First for Women TV ad on YouTube

Outsurance and the Art of Getting Something Out

We have all heard the Outsurance tagline and slogan-You Always Get Something Out.What does this mean for you exactly? Are they referring to their R400-program, where you get this amount of money if you can get a cheaper insurance quote somewhere else? Are they, perhaps, referring to their special Outbonus program?

Well, with Outsurance, you certainly get these two distinct advantages. You also get a whole lot more. They offer you, for example, specialised business insurance. This covers a wide variety of businesses, from hotels and guesthouses, to chemists, optometrists and even beauty salons. With the overall type of cover available from Outsurance, you will definitely not look at insurance the same way.

How do they compare though, with other insurers in the country?

Outsurance OutbonusInsurance Companies in South Africa

As a company, Outsurance has developed a very specific, industry-focused business model. This hybrid model stands them in good stead, particularly when measured with other companies like Regent insurance as well as Auto and General, who have both been playing the insurance game for quite a while. Even against more recent competition from the likes of Miway insurance Outsurance still comes out shining.

From the way that you are covered by Outsurance insurance, you will find it hard to come up with an insurance company that cares for you and your business as much as Outsurance does. It is their attention to the details of your cover, both for you and for your business, that have made them such an outstanding company. The following information gives you a brief outline of the products that they offer, and some insight to them as a company.

About Outsurance Insurance

Outsurance offers personal, life, and business insurance. This means that you can get a complete portfolio of coverage from one place. They offer you specialised insurance for your vehicle as well, and with the Outsurance car insurance, you also get comprehensive fleet coverage for your business.

Outsurance goes further to offer you cheaper insurance. Whether you need their personal and life cover, or you need buildings insurance, business contents insurance or insurance for the electronics in your business, then Outsurance is the company to offer you tailor-made solutions that will meet your needs. Your vehicles are covered for everything from hijacking and theft, to fire or even acts of nature. Buildings, outbuildings, permanent fixtures and improvements made to your building are also covered.

This company really offers you everything in terms of you insurance needs.

How To Get Outsurance Insurance Quotes

At Outsurance, they have also made getting insurance quotes very easy.Whether you are looking for car insurance quotation, Life, Business, or Home insurance quotes, you just need to visit their website. The people at Outsurance also have a very well manned call enter, for both claims and Outsurance quotes.

Outsurance South Africa has changed the face of insurance in this country. They have made themselves both accessible and accountable to every single one of their clients, love that they get something out — every time.

* Here’s a sweet YouTube video involving Outsurance

Discovery Insure Discovering a World of Rewards

Many people know that Discovery is famous for their medical aids. Well, Discovery Insure is to insurance what the Discovery medical aid is to the world of medical aid.Known for its pricier products, this company also offers you incredible rewards for your loyal membership to one of their plans. If you want to know how much more expensive they are than some other insurers, just ask for car insurance quotes from them. You will soon realize that you are not being offered the lowest car insurance.

The higher price of cover from Discovery Insure is off-set by their incredible rewards program, however. While you can get cheaper car insurance elsewhere, you will certainly not get the same value for money that Discovery Insure offers. So, if you live life to a certain standard, and expect service at a certain level, instead of going for cheaper insurance, consider getting Discovery car insurance.

Here are a few reasons why this will be a good idea.

About Discovery Insure

Discovery Insure covers every aspect of your insurance needs. From car and vehicle insurance, Discovery Insureto home insurance and personal liability, they have you covered. They even offer you comprehensive boat insurance. With their car insurance, Discovery Insure offers you incredible rewards, just for being a good driver. In fact, all the products offered by Discovery insurance come with their own special rewards, to thank you for taking such good care of yourself and your belongings.

Discovery Insure compares favourably to any other South African insurer…

Insurance Companies In South Africa

Discovery Insure has few competitors in the insurance market. This is largely because of their pricing model. They are not affordable to the average person, and they therefore have a clientele from a very specific LSM! Like most South African companies, they offer you great short term insurance, and like other providers in the country, Discovery Insure has an easy to use website, one where you can find all the information that you need about them. Unlike most other insurance providers though, Discovery Insure seems to be reward centred, helping you manage your cover and, when needed, make hassle-free claims.

ly accessible. To get a Discovery insure quote all you need to do is go to their site. Their dropdown menu is exceptional, and easy to navigate. You can then get a quote for any of their various option covers.

They are also available via the telephone, on 0860 751 751, Monday to Friday, until 18: 00h, and until 13:00h on Saturdays.Insurance companies try to make themselves as visible as possible, and they are ready with insurance quotes quickly. Discovery Insure does the same thing, only better. With this company, you receive detailed information about their products on their site, before you even make a call. They want you to be very well informed, and come into their fold with a full knowledge of what you are signing up for.

If you can afford it, Discovery might be one of the best insurers in the country.

Mutual and Federal Combines History With Experience

Mutual and Federal started up over 180 years ago. It is the oldest of all the short term insurance companies in South Africa. Mutual and Federal has branches all over South Africa. It also has branches in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

In South Africa the main branches are:

  • Mutual and Federal Johannesburg
  • Mutual and Federal Bloemfontein
  • Mutual and Federal Cape Town

What is Mutual and Federal Insurance?

The Mutual and Federal insurance company is owned in its entirety by Old Mutual plc.Mutual and Federal is one of the top providers of short term insurance in South Africa. All of the insurance on offer by Mutual and Federal such as Mutual and Federal car insurance is short term insurance. If you need long term insurance then you will need to use a different insurance Mutual and Federalprovider for that.

What can be insured through them?

Mutual & Federal offers Personal Insurance, Business Insurance and Farmers Insurance.

Personal Insurance Products offered by Mutual and Federal

Whether you are individual looking for personal insurance such as cheaper car insurance or home contents insurance, one of these four packages will fit your needs.

  • allsure
  • surewise
  • insurance for all
  • iWYZE

Business Insurance Products offered by Mutual and Federal

Whatever your business, there is a Mutual and Federal business insurance policy available to cover your business.

  • multi sure
  • Engineering insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Risk insurance

Farmers Insurance Products offered by Mutual and Federal

Whether you are a wine producing farmer, a crop farmer or raise livestock, Mutual and Federal will insure it all.

  • Agriplus
  • Agricrop
  • Agriwine

Get comparative quotes

To get a quote from Mutual and Federal all you need to do is complete and submit the form on their webpage. Before taking out any kind of insurance it is recommended that you get several insurance quotes. There are a great many insurance companies in South Africa of which Mutual Federal is just one. You can either contact several insurance companies yourself or use the services of an insurance broker.

Once you have received all the insurance quotations, you must review them carefully. Even if it is just a car insurance quotation read through the document carefully. Make sure that the policies insure all the items that you need to have insured. If a policy is offering more insurance than you asked for, then it is going to cost you more than you need to spend. Only take out what insurance you need currently. One of the purposes of short term insurance is to be able to change or amend it as your circumstances change.

Miway Short Term Insurance Direct

The Miway insurance company offers affordable insurance policies online. Miway is particularly keen to be at your service online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Access to Miway insurance can be either via their call centre, or you may request a Miway insurance quote or make Miway claims online. The choice is yours, but they are very keen for you to use their online services. If you take out a policy with MiWay online,MiWay will give you roughly three months of free premiums. This really does help to provide you with cheaper insurance.

What is Miway?

MiWay is a short term insurance company. This means that MiWay does not deal with insurance policies such as Life Insurance and retirement policies. Short term insurance is used to cover items such as vehicles and household contents.

How does it work?

MiwayIt is necessary to take out certain types of insurance. For instance you will need car insurance if you own and drive a car. If you have a property and a bond over the property, your bond provider will want to ensure that the building is insured.

When you take out an insurance policy you need to make regular payments to the insurance provider as agreed when you first take out the policy. These payments are called premiums. If you are unlucky enough to need to make a claim, then the insurance provider will cover the cost of the loss or damage as agreed in the policy.

Very few insurance providers will pay you back money if you donot make a claim. Instead the money is pooled so that the insurance provider has the ability to pay out other policy holders when they need to make a claim

What insurance does Miway offer?

As with other insurance companies such as Alexander Forbes insurance, Auto and General, Mutual and Federal, and Virgin Money Insurance,MiWay offers a variety of short term insurance policies. These range from car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, buildings insurance, watercraft insurance, contents insurance, motorcycle insurance and bicycle insurance. My Way insurance is also looking to expand on their range of policies on offer.

  • Car Insurance
    Miway car insurance offers Comprehensive, Third-Party, Fire and Theft, and Third-Party only.
  • Business Insurance.
    This is aimed at covering your business whether it is business vehicles, goods in transit, or towing broken down company vehicles.
  • Buildings Insurance.
    MiWaybuilding insurance covers all permanent structures on your property, permanent fixtures, pipes, cables and swimming pools.
  • Contents Insurance.
    MiWay contents insurance covers all your personal possessions within your home.
  • Motorcycle Insurance.
    Myway insurance will cover all types of motorcycles from quad bikes to super bikes.
  • Bicycle Insurance
    My Way insurance will cover the theft and damage of bicycles if you are protected by their bicycle insurance.
  • Home Insurance
    This MiWay policy is similar to contents insurance, but including events such as burst geysers, fires, breakages and lightening.
  • Watercraft Insurance
    This MiWay offering covers your watercraft from theft fire and damage by bad weather.