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First for Women Insurance Quote

Anybody looking for household insurance wants the same thing; to get all the coverage they can while forking out as little as possible. With a First for Women Insurance Quote, the women of South Africa have peace of mind. They have their insurance needs covered by people who care about them when life deals out a nasty surprise.

Compare Insurance Quotes South Africa

Insurance quotes South Africa makes it possible for women to collect car and household insurance quotes online from several insurers. Women looking for an affordable First for Women insurance quote can complete the free online insurance quotes form online. They will receive an e-mail quote within no more than 5 minutes. First for Women understands that women make far more responsible policyholders than their male counterparts and they have rewarded their female clients by offering them truly affordable insurance quotes.

First for Women Insurance Quote Covers Women in their Home

What women love about 1st for Women insurance is that it doesn’t only very ably manage ladies car insurance, but it takes care of their household insurance as well. As an authorised financial services provider, First for Women understands that with South Africa’s staggering home invasion and theft rate, it is important to protect your home and its contents.

First for Women Insurance QuoteThey understand the needs of women in South Africa; know that they have a lot to lose with theft and how important it is to protect their precious things. They provide a First for Women Insurance quote in keeping with the needs of their female clients, their homes and contents and what is best for their particular budget. First for Women Insurance quotes offer far more coverage than what South African women can imagine –

  • ●washing stolen off your wash line
  • money stolen from your home
  • food spoiled in the fridge
  • malicious or intentional damage which includes locks and keys being damaged
  • burst water pipes
  • garages, outbuildings, walls, gates and swimming pool are included
  • storms and flood damage
  • damage from fire, earthquakes, explosions and lightning as well as from vehicles, falling trees etc
  • your guest’s belongings stolen from your home
  • medical expenses caused to you by your pet in your home
  • veterinary costs for your pet

Access to Accredited Professionals

Adding up the costs to replace all these items is a frightening reality of how impossible it would be without insurance. When they get free online insurance quotes from First for Women, female homeowners are delighted to discover that any emergency inside the home needn’t spell out financial disaster. With Home Assist, women can rely on the call out fee for a plumber or locksmith plus an hour of labour all being taken care of in the policy. With a First for Women Insurance quote, you also have access to a list of accredited and reputable experts such as painters and garden services to fix your problems.

Any woman who owns a home or is even renting it out needs Home Insurance because it covers your actual residential building as well as structural improvements. You also need cover for your household goods and personal effects. Premiums, as well as the payout, will depend on how much you insure your home for. You will need to calculate a financial value on the contents of your home and then insure everything for what you think its value is.

Quick and Affordable Insurance Quotes

A first time insurance shopper looking for a First for Women Insurance Quote loves the fact that without all the usual insurance jargon, 1st for Women provides South African women homeowners with the quickest and most affordable household insurance quote based on the confidential personal criteria received.

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1st for Women Short-Term Insurance

Burglaries are on the increase for one good reason; it’s easy to get inside your home. A burglary can have an enormous impact on your emotional and financial well-being. But there are some things you can do to boost your home’s security and make your home safer. 1st for Women have the interests of South African females on their mind. And they know how important household contents insurance are to them.

Everything in your home constitutes your household contents. They include all those items which are movable. 1st for Women Insurance

First for Women warns women that they should never undervalue their household contents.  Even when they have a home contents insurance policy in place. If someone steals their goods, they will only have adequate cover if they have insured their goods at their replacement value.

Women Covered for All Kinds of Situations

All the ladies of South Africa know that with 1st for Women, they aren’t only getting lower insurance quotes but other benefits specifically for them. Some of these are trauma and Medical Assist as well as road assist. The women of South African can have peace of mind knowing that 1stforwomen doesn’t only offer car insurance quotes, they cover far more.

Even while on holiday, you have full cover for your home contents, and with 1st for Woman travel insurance and car insurance South Africa, you have cover, whether at home or out and about. The beauty about First for Women insurance is that you have cover for all kinds of situations so you can simply enjoy life.

The content of your home includes the likes of furniture, appliances, bedding, clothing, gardening equipment, toys and electrical equipment. When these items are stolen, damaged by fire, power surges or different weather conditions, then 1st for Women looks out for South African females, protecting their precious possessions against theft, damage, and loss. First for Woman offers excellent Home Contents Insurance which covers –

  • burst water pipes, storms, and floods
  • lightning, fire, explosion and even an earthquake or subsistence (sinking) of land
  • damage to your home, your outbuilding caused by the likes of falling trees or animals and
  • First for Woman even covers you for where aircraft or objects falling from them
  • malicious damage to your property
  • locks and keys damaged
  • theft of washing stolen off your line
  • money stolen
  • your garage, pool, walls, and gates are all covered by buildings insurance
  • spoiled food during power failures
  • medical expenses should your pet injure you
  • medical expenses for your pet if he was injured

Free Call out Fee and 1 Hour Free Labour from 1st for Women

Even emergencies inside your home are taken care of by 1st for Women insurance. With their Home Assist, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths or glaziers, for instance, will be called out, and the call-out fee is taken care of by First for Women plus an hour’s labour from these professionals.

Whenever women look out to get the best deal on household insurance, they need to shop around first. 1st for Women took a long, hard look at the male dominated insurance industry, observing how everything was geared around the needs of men. They realize that there is a huge difference between the responsibility levels of men and women.

First for Woman launched insurance geared towards the needs of women, rewarding them with low premiums because of their responsibility. With so many good reasons to be a member of 1st for Women, what’s stopping you from benefiting from their goodwill towards women?

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Insuring Household Contents

Many people are still not sure about the difference between homeowners insurance and insuring household contents. Homeowners insurance protects you against loss or damage to all the buildings that make up your home. But household contents insurance is for everything under your roof.

When you look at some of the super luxury items people have in their homes today, it can be concerning. There are crooks just dying to get their hands on your crystal chandeliers,64” TVs and other luxury items. They may even have their eyes on your priceless heirlooms.

Insuring Household Contents – Check out your Anti-Theft Devices

Home contents insurance is designed to cover all these household goods against theft but also loss or damage caused by the likes of storm damage or fire damage. When looking at insuring your home’s contents, the insurance provider will investigate some aspects of your home, such as whether it has anti-theft devices in place. This kind of factor will determine what premium you should pay.

Insuring Household Contents

When you do your research, you’ll find that most household contents insurance will cover your items from the following risks:

  • Theft – we’re all very familiar with this in South Africa, and this cover is for loss and even damage to your goods after a forced entry.
  • Natural disasters – thunderstorms, lightning, hail, wind, tornado and earthquake damage, will be covered.
  • Fire and explosions.
  • Impact by falling trees, animals or aircraft damage.

In South Africa, you can even get household contents insurance against the frequent power surges we experience from power failures. Make sure you get an automatic annual inflation-linked adjustment to your insurance so that your contents are never under-insured.

Insuring Household Contents – Do Your Research

Do research because there are household content insurers who provide customers with additional value-added benefits such as, among others.

Have you taken the time to consider the value of what’s all inside your home? Apart from your television sets, ovens, refrigerator and furniture, there are all those smaller items too such as wine racks and wine bottle, not to mention DVDs. One single box set can cost as much as R5 000 and even more.

When you start insuring the contents of your home, make sure you take into account the replacement value. People who cover their home contents for less than the replacement cost won’t get what they should when they do try to claim.

Conclusion About Insuring Household Contents

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’ve got homeowners insurance, then you automatically have insurance for the contents of your home as well. Not at all. You need home contents insurance.  If you require more details about insurance for your home, Old Mutual have all the answers, after all, they’ve been around since they started out in Cape Town in 1845.

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Stanbic Household and Car Insurance

Nobody likes paying for insurance because they don’t get something tangible for it in return. They pay a hefty sum each month, and that’s it – nothing back. In South Africa, you need as much insurance as you can get. Be off-guard for a minute, and disaster could strike your car or home. So consider making Stanbic your insurance partner.

You can be Cleaned out in Minutes

Anybody who owns a house knows what it takes to furnish it. When you’re insuring your home with Stanbic, you’ll need to know the value of its contents. There’ll be furniture, expensive clothes and shoes, electronics, artworks, jewellery and even items in the garden shed such as ride-on lawn mowers and power tools.

In the garages, there could be cars, boats, caravans, bicycles, motorbikes and lots of smaller power tools. A night out on the town, and you could return to find the lot gone. In South Africa, there are those who watch your home, discover your movements, and they know when to strike.

Stanbic Home InsuranceHomeowners insurance from Stanbic covers private homes and their contents. There are always major reasons to buy home and car insurance:

  • To have liability coverage – this is because there will always be people who come onto your property, and if they get injured, your homeowner’s policy will cover your personal legal responsibility.
  • To provide property coverage – this kind of insurance covers the physical structure of your home and car if someone damages or destroys them.
  • If you get a mortgage from the Bank, as a lender, you need insurance as long as you have a mortgage, which applies to your car too – if one took a loan from the bank, then you have to take out insurance as well.  Sometimes this cost is included in your monthly payment.

Review Your Insurance Regularly

Not all homeowner and car policies are the same, and it is up to you to also make sure that you have adequate insurance. As the years roll on, your situation can change, and you need to review your insurance regularly. You don’t want to have to claim, only to find that your insurance was hopelessly inadequate. Insurance must be reliable if you want to protect your largest assets.
There are three basic types of Stanbic car insurance for you:

  • Comprehensive car insurance –  covers your car against accidents, fire and theft. It also covers you against claims by 3rd parties where you are liable for their damage.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft –  loss or damage as a result of fire or theft. Also, covers you against third party claims.
  • Third Party Only insurance  – this is for where you are liable for damage or injury to others.

Stanbic home insurance falls into two categories:

  • Homeowners insurance – this is damage to the actual building.
  • Home contents insurance – covers everything inside your home.

Homeowners cover does NOT automatically include your home contents.  So you must insure all the items in your home separately.

Go with the Reputation of Stanbic

If you want to have reliable household and car insurance, it is imperative to go with a trusted, reputable name in the insurance industry. Standard Bank is a licensed financial services provider. They have more than 150 years of service in South Africa which speaks for itself.

Such longevity means they are doing something right. Pay a reasonable amount each month, to protect your two most valuable assets after your life – your car and your home.

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Outsurance home Contents insurance for Homebodies

Outsurance home contents insurance knows that when you buy a new home, you will need to think about furnishing it.

Furnishing a home can be a significant investment, and you need to protect it against theft and damage.

Fires and floods can do untold damage to the building, valued heirlooms, classic furniture as well as the contents.

Get Outsurance home contents insurance. Home Contents insurance is necessary if you don’t want to spend a fortune furnishing your home from scratch.

Outsurance home Contents insurance – you Need to protect your Family and Investment

Outsurance Home Contents InsuranceWith Outsurance, your insurance package surrounding the contents in your home will cover damage to all your household contents.

This damage caused by water, snow, fire, theft or even power surges. Outsurance is different from other insurance companies. Apart from the low premiums, they don’t make a whole lot of promises they find difficult to keep.

They just require you to answer a few questions so that they can base their premium on your unique risk profile. They do their best to process your claim as quickly as possible.

Outsurance Home Contents Insurance Benefits

  • With home contents losses, you’ll have access to an excellent list of service providers who will stand by you during the repair process.
  • Outsurance home contents insurance will reward you by giving you 10% of premiums you’ve paid, back in cash for those who remain claim free for three years in a row.
  • Free Help@OUT emergency home assistance night or day 24/7.
  • OUT-and-About insurance’ covers personal possessions you take out of your house on a daily basis such as clothing, cell phones, laptops, jewellery, cameras, etc.
  • 12 months guaranteed premium.
  • Excess remains fixed.
  • You pay a moderate excess (as little as R250).
  • Claims processed far quicker than you’d expect.
  • You receive cover for accidental loss or damage.
  • Personal possessions covered worldwide.
  • They apply an automatic adjustment to your premium to cope with annual inflation to ensure you are never under-insured.

Their standard household insurance package also offers personal liability which is excellent if some predicament overcomes your domestic worker while on duty in your home. It also applies when you are held responsible for causing death, damage or injury to someone else or their property.

Outsurance home Contents insurance Compensates you for every Kind of event –

  • Groceries spoiled in your fridge because of power failures.
  • Theft of money, relevant documentation, personal belongings, etc.
  • Outsurance cover injuries to your pet; this includes vet fees for an injured pet.
  • Fraudulent use of you stolen credit cards – Outsurance cover the first R2 500.
  • Compensation for the death of your spouse caused by theft at your home or fire (this is up to the value of R5000.
  • Damage to locks or keys.

There’s so much More to Outsurance

That’s not all. Outsurance has many other services related to your home up their sleeves. They were launched in 1998 and are a renowned name in South Africa for so many good reasons. Their client care number is 086 007 0000, and their knowledgeable, friendly staff are waiting to help you.

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Household Insurance you can Trust

As much as we do not like to think about household insurance, unexpected things can and do happen to your possessions, unfortunately.

You need to plan for the protection of your worldly goods and make sure that you have adequate home contents insurance.

After all, you have collected and gathered your favourite artefacts and possessions over the years, it’s taken time and effort which should not be dismissed lightly.

What if you need to replace something valuable, a cherished heirloom or that fire damaged Picasso? When you consider it, can you afford to be without home insurance?

Why you Need Household Insurance in South Africa

Household InsuranceThe biggest reason why one would get household insurance from Discovery Insure is that in the event of a fire, theft, flood or any other damages, you will have the financial back-up to cover all losses.

In South Africa, you can request house contents insurance quotes as well as car insurance quotes from many insurance firms. Most firms like Regent Insurance will be able to provide comprehensive home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, and insurance for commercial vehicles.

While you’re About it, Why not Car and Household insurance?

The car insurance available in South Africa can be comprehensive or basic. The basic option will leave you with a smaller premium, but you have to calculate if saving money now would not be more expensive in the long run, especially if you are involved in a pile-up.

When you take out a comprehensive car insurance option from Santam, you have three cover choices: Comprehensive, Third-party, fire and theft or Third party Only cover. If you want, you can add additional benefits to your policy, which includes emergency accommodation, emergency toiletries or medicine, medical expenses and trauma treatment cover for you and your family.

Santam also has other products like household insurance as well as building insurance and commercial insurance.

There are a Range of Insurance companies That offer a Range of Benefits

Many insurance firms like OUTsurance provide house insurance as well as car insurance and rewards their members with incentives like the OUTbonus. With this benefit, you receive a cash bonus for not claiming.

King Price only sells car insurance where you do not pay the same premium each month. The payment decreases on a monthly basis because your vehicle depreciates each month this is an attractive incentive as compared to bonuses that will only pay out if you do not claim after a few years.

Always make sure that the value of the items insured under household insurance is up to date, and it’s wise so keep an inventory list of all household items. Give a copy of the list to you insurance firm as it will make the claim process easier if you should have to claim.

South African Insurance companies each have a different approach when it comes to insurance. If you are a woman, insurance quotes from First for Women might prove to be financially beneficial to your pocket. First for Women believes that women are better drivers and deserve better premiums as a reward.

Then there is OUTsurance, if they are unable to match your current insurance premium, they will pay you R400 in cash.

Obtaining an online insurance quote can be rewarding. Fill in the form on the web page and submit when finished.

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