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Home contents Insurance quotes Available online

When talking about insurance like home contents insurance, it is just as important to have as motor vehicle insurance.

Home content insurance is a way to keep you safe in a financial capacity and protect your treasured heirlooms, furniture, collectables etc. in fact your whole lifestyle.

In the event of a fire breaking out, unlawful entry, a burglary or even water damage, you will have peace of mind knowing that a household insurance cover is in place.

Insurance companies will be able to compensate you to repair damages or replace valuable items that were stolen or destroyed.

Affordable home Contents insurance – How can you Live without it?

Home contents insuranceIt is still possible to get cheap insurance that will offer you value for money.

Just make sure that you read the fine print when in the process of choosing home insurance. In this modern age, we have access to the internet and are able to use a site like Hippo where you can make an insurance comparison between all the main insurance companies like Old Mutual and Discovery Insure in your quest for car and home insurance.

A House is Not a home Until you Insure it

Most of the insurance companies have home contents insurance information online which makes it easier to eliminate unnecessary insurance quotes and save you time, all within the comfort of your home.

An online insurance quote will give you an idea of how much you will have to pay each month, giving you a figure to include in your budget.

Do not blindly accept the first insurance quote you receive. When you get a quote online look at the whole picture, you must compare quotes.  Do any of the insurance quotes cover everything you need when it comes to home contents insurance?

You can also Get a Property insurance quote

When you own property, you have to have property insurance in case of structural damage, fire damage, storm damage or the event of a geyser bursting. Standard Bank and Absa Bank offer property insurance. You can request online insurance quotes from them and find out which has the best rates.

What do You get with Home contents insurance

Each Insurance firm will provide you with a Plan Guide that will describe the protection under home contents insurance. The guide also tells the insurer terms and conditions which exclude house contents insurance cover, it might be different when you compare other home insurance policies. Thus, it is advisable to read the Plan Guide and to make sure that you understand the plan.

When you look at a typical home contents insurance plan by Budget Insurance, for instance, some of the items you will find covered are:

  • Loss or damage to household goods and personal possessions.
  • Damage or loss due to fire, power surges, explosion, lightning, storms, damage to equipment or pipes, break-in, theft, damage caused by a geyser bursting or overflowing.
  • Deteriorating food due to a malfunctioning freezer or power failure.
  • Cover for stolen garden furniture and washing.

A great tip that Insurance Brokers give their clients is to make an inventory accompanied with photos of all you possessions that fall under home contents insurance. If you should have to claim, it will make the claim process easier.

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