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Outsurance Insurance for Cell Phones

You cell phone has your entire life wrapped up. When you lose it or it falls into water, it feels as though your life has ended. Or certainly that it is on hold.

It is precisely why insurance for an expensive phone is so important. Because the cost of some cell phones make them irreplaceable for most people.

Cell phone insurance from 2 difference Sources

If you buy insurance for your phone, you have a couple of options – you can get insurance from your cell phone provider or from a third party company like Outsurance.

Cell insurance covers theft or from accidental breakage when your phone is no longer under guarantee.

Cell Phone Insurance Mobile OutsuranceThis is an insurance company who want to provide clients with excellent products and services, from business insurance to life insurance, car insurance, disability and critical illness cover as well as cell phone insurance.

Put Your Cell Phone with your Contents Insurance

Outsurance knows that cell phone users are bereft without their cell phones.  They invite everyone who already has contents insurance with them to simply call them on 08 600 60 000 so that you can add your cell phone to this particular insurance package.

With contents insurance, Outsurance includes your mobile device with their insurance product range known as Out and About. If you leave home with your cell phone on you, you will have cover.

This Out-and-About covers all those personal possessions you want to have with you when you leave the house. It typically includes things such as music instruments, photographic equipment, jewellery, clothing and cell phones.

We look at what else you get with Outsurance insurance for cell phones –

  • if your phone gets damaged or you lose it, Outsurance will pay to have it fixed or they will replace it. Failing that they will compensate you with a cash amount.
  • The beauty about having cell phone insurance with Outsurance is that they also have fast claims processing and their claims team gets to work quickly to process your claim faster that what you would expect.
  • with insurance from Outsurance, you have cover for your cell phone wherever you are in the world. What is more, you can call Outsurance on +27 12 673 3000 or if you want, give Outsurance the name of a contact person in South Africa who will deal with the claim on your behalf.
  • there are no involved and lengthy insurance documents to fill in.
  • even if you submit a claim, you get an insurance premium guaranteed unchanged for 12 months.
  • you’ll receive 10% of your premiums back in cash. Take note that this is for after 3 claim-free years.
  • a low fixed excess amount

Make Sure you’re Always in Touch

Outsurance is inviting you to give them a call today and they will put together a cell phone insurance package that will work specifically around your particular insurance needs and your budget.


To get a cell phone insurance quote, please complete and submit the form on this page


Get the Best Insurance for a Smartphone, Laptop and iPhone

In South Africa, you dare not own a smartphone, laptop or iPhone without having insurance for it. So what is the best insurance?

Some people have scarcely owned a smartphone for an hour and had it stolen. A smartphone, laptop, and iPhone can cost anything between R7 000 and R15 000.

The premiums you pay for these items will be calculated on the particular phone or laptop’s value.

Most people buy their smartphones on contract through service providers, the traditional insurer as a stand-alone policy or as part of household insurance.

You’ve got Plenty of choices when Looking for the Best Insurance

Best insurance

Fortunately, South Africa has a broad range of insurance providers, so product and price comparison is a good decision.

A typical example of a comparison site is Hippo. They allow you to compare quotes from a range of insurers. The site is free to use.

They explain all about smartphone insurance, knowing full well that gadgets such as smartphones and laptops play a huge role in our lives, and to lose them means loads of valuable information down the drain too. It is far more affordable to insure your laptop or smartphone than to have to pay for a new one.

The best insurance is Cover that is Unique to Your needs

You may have decided to get smartphone insurance through a specialist gadget insurance policy. On the other hand, you may already have home insurance.  It’s always wise to check this kind of insurance because there are sometimes limitations to standard home contents insurance.

Of course, the point of a mobile phone is that you can take it anywhere, so make sure your insurance covers your phone in your home and outside your home as well.

All Risks Insurance

Your smartphone, laptop or iPhone are items that you always take with you wherever you go. If you want your phone insured no matter where you go, you may need to add personal possessions cover to your home insurance policy. This kind of cover away from home is known as All-risks Insurance, and it includes those items such as mobile phones and laptops that leave home with you.

Know what you’re Getting and What you’re Not getting

Most people prefer to take out specialist smartphone insurance. You’ll need to provide details such as its make and model and insure your laptop for the replacement value and not the current market value.

Remember to check out those specific conditions and exclusions. Certainly, damage caused by carelessness to these items will not be paid out. Did you know that in most instances, just your hardware is covered and not your software?

Viruses or network based security breaches which result in loss of data, for example, are also not covered by regular iPhone or laptop insurance policies.

Even if you buy the Best Insurance, Do you know What you have?

  • Get to know the conditions and terms unique to your agreement.
  • Each insurer’s conditions are different, even though regulations are in place by law as well as the consumer protection society.
  • Make sure that you understand all conditions that form part of your policy.
  • Understand the claims process, whether your phone will be repaired or replaced
  • Above all, be Informed.

There’s no doubt that insurance is a grudge product. Most people feel you pay too much and get little in return. In South Africa what you own of value is often targeted by criminals. What are you going to do, buy insurance or remain uninsured? Being a disciplined person, you can also self-insure and put away an amount each month to prepare for any potential loss.

Whether you go ahead with the best insurance or not, the Internet is full of valuable information to help you make an informed decision. Assess any policy you take out, and if you go ahead with buying insurance, make sure you choose an insurer with simple documentation and processes.

Complete and send the form to get a FREE short term insurance quote for your gadgets.

Gadget Insurance in South Africa

Gadget insurance is essential today as electronic devices are such pricey items. Many of us walk around with gear that cost between R4 000 and R10 000. Thugs know this, and they’re waiting to pounce on your phone.

Fortunately, there are many gadget insurance products provided by insurers. They offer cover for damage to these devices if stolen.

Our gadgets have vital information and photographs, and anything happening to these devices can be devastating.

There are so many ways your mobile phone, laptop or tablet can become damaged that it makes sense to insure it.

You Covered gadget Insurance – Specialist cover for you

Gadget InsuranceYou Covered provides their customers with specialist insurance for all your mobile devices and are backed by Guardrisk Insurance.

  • Insure your cell phone, notebooks, iPads, laptops, and tablets.
  • You Covered has more than 20 years experience and their certified staff can give you suitable advice and make appropriate recommendations. Call them for assistance at 0860 000 780.
  • YouCovered likes to keep things simple with no complicated insurance jargon.

What You Covered includes

  • Accidental damage – for totally smashed or cracked screens.
  • Theft.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Mechanical failure, you are covered if your mobile malfunctions once the warranty has expired.
  • Premium reduction, you can trade in your old device for a premium reduction.
  • Unauthorised usage, they pay for calls and data used up to R2000 from the time you lose your phone through loss or theft or when you blacklist it with your network.
  • Death, disability, and retrenchment, this can be useful as You Cover will pay out the remainder of your contract up to a maximum of R4000 for accidental death and disability or involuntary retrenchment.

Gadget insurance from You Covered – quick, Efficient and decisive

You Covered pride themselves on their quick and efficient claim process. They process and settle more than 75% of their gadget insurance claims. Claims processed within 48hrs; however, you must submit the following documents which you can download from their website:

  • Affidavit.
  • A completed application form.
  • A blacklisting form.

One of the best Insurers in the country, Guardrisk Insurance backs You Cover and has its ‘AA’ domestic claims paying ability reviewed each year by Global Credit Rating Co.

You can always rely on You Covered to deal with your claims in a trustworthy and reliable manner. Just register your application online and fill out the claims questionnaire. Once your request is approved, they will allow you to:

  • Replace your device
  • Be reimbursed for the full value of the purchase.

Theft or Damage doesn’t necessarily Mean money down the Drain

There was a time when we left home with a light handbag which contained one or two items in it. Nowadays, when we leave home, we take with us our cellphones, laptops, cameras, iPods and other electronic gear.

They’ve become part of our lives. The bill to replace hi-tech equipment is so high that once they’re damaged or stolen, we’d never be able to replace them. You Covered offers specialist insurance for all your devices and complete peace of mind protecting your expensive electronics.

With so much critical information stored on them, You Covered acts quickly and decisively to protect you from damage and theft.

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Cell Phone Insurance from Santam

Santam cell phone insurance, is here to save your life because you could say that if you lose your cell phone, you lose your life.

People in the 21st century have transferred all their personal information onto these devices which they carry with them everywhere.

They use them to do business and to connect with friends and family, and without a cell phone, people feel as though a part of them is missing.

That’s why Santam cell phone insurance is so vital.

Unfortunately, damage and theft are everyday occurrences in South Africa.

Santam cell Phone Insurance – a Stolen cell Phone can be a Costly loss

Santam Cell Phone Insurance Having your cell phone stolen can be a significant loss as mobile phones can be hugely expensive these days.

The amazing technology means they come at a cost. Just look at the camera performance alone. And now with the launch of the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, you’ll be looking at an imported version that costs in the region of R19 000. Having a phone like this stolen or damaged can be beyond devastating.

Cell phone insurance from Santam can help a lot. They want to make sure that you’ve got good cover for your phone. As it is, they also offer cover for other accessories such as your charger and headphones.

Santam Cell Phone Insurance – Insure your Phone with a Trusted Name

People like insuring their cell phones with Santam because they are a well-known, trusted name with short-term insurance. Santam first opened their doors way back in May 1918. They believe that the insurance they provide will add value and peace of mind to their customers.

Get comprehensive cover for your mobile, in case it’s stolen or accidently damaged under the all risks section of your home insurance policy. What is more, Santam also makes provision for cover under your home contents insurance policy for a stolen phone from your home.

Some of their cover options include:

  • Limited Cover insures a stolen phone from your home under your house contents.
  • SOS Services six free SOS services.
  • Excess ranges from R350 to R500.
  • Comprehensive cover for when you specify your phone under the all risks section of your home policy.

Millions of South Africans choose to insure their goods with Santam, who is South Africa’s biggest short-term insurer. In fact, 80 of the top 100 JSE-listed companies are with Santam, they insure risks to the value of more than R4 trillion.

Millions Put their Trust in Santam

Santam is also known for their excellence in settling claims. They have paid 99% of claims just in the past year. They offer other value added services, and if you follow them om Facebook and Twitter, you’ll benefit from weather warnings and safety tips. What is more, they offer Six FREE home-drive chauffeur services a year when you’re over the legal limit.

Your cell phone does so much for you, at a price of course. Call Santam on 0860 505 911 for claims and emergencies.

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Should you Bother to get Laptop Insurance?

The last thing you probably think about when you get a new laptop is laptop insurance.

But you need to consider it. This type of insurance is a way of replacing your device if anything happens to it.

If you’re accident prone, you’re going to need insurance for your device. But laptop insurance isn’t just for the clumsy.

Who needs this Insurance in South Africa? It’s for people who want to protect themselves from having to purchase another computer for the second time. Mistakes happen spills, drops, bumps and theft.

If you can’t comfortably pop out and purchase a new computer or pay for repairs, then laptop insurance if for you.

The best Way to prevent Laptop Theft is comprehensive Laptop insurance

Laptop InsuranceTypically comprehensive insurance such as home insurance usually covers household contents and even includes cell phone insurance.

Many insurance companies in SA, such as DialDirect, Virgin insurance and MiWay offer home insurance that covers your electronic devices.

What Should be Covered

It’s always important to know what you’re buying. And that goes for insurance. Laptop insurance quotes should cover a range of things like accidental damages; theft; liquid submersion and power surges. It’s important to know what you want to be insured.

If your laptop has a strong, damage-proof carrier bag, then you might just need theft insurance which is cheap. If you’re a student with a brand new laptop, you might prefer full coverage.

Is Laptop Insurance Worth It?

A lot of people don’t think about insurance for personal items and electronics. They seem to believe that they’ll pay more in premiums than the items are worth. But look at online insurance quotes: laptop insurance is not as much as you think.

While we always hope we won’t have to make use of our insurance policies, it’s still important to remember why they’re essential. It’s not just a monthly payment; it’s there for protection against theft and damage that won’t leave us out of pocket when the unexpected happens.

How much Do you value Your laptop? 

Is it usually used for school or work? Do you have a gallery of unique photos you’d want to retrieve if the laptop is damaged? Do you have an expensive device? Could you easily pay for a brand new one if it’s stolen?

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about laptop insurance. If you realise your laptop is worth protecting, then get a quote today.

The costs of laptop premiums are determined by how much coverage you need; the type of insurance you want and how much you want your monthly premium to be. Can you afford to be without this type of insurance?

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To Protect your Lifestyle you Must have Cell phone Insurance

These days, it is wise to have cell phone insurance. The reason is simple; cell phones are expensive to replace if stolen or damaged, especially if you have the latest smartphones that function with the latest technology.

Apart from the fact that Criminals target the devices, you could drop it in the bath or from a great height.

For peace of mind, so that you don’t end up paying a few thousand rands in the event of losing your phone, insurance is a good option.

Cell phones are an extension of yourself, your lifestyle and social circle. Can you afford to lose your identity?

You might Ask the question: “Why do I need mobile insurance?”

Cell Phone InsuranceIf you are the type of person that looks after your possessions and is always careful when handling electronic devices, then you need cover.

If you use your cell phone on a daily basis to capture data, make calls or to schedule appointments, it is of the utmost importance that you cannot be without your device.

When looking at electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, iPhones and tablets, it might be very expensive to replace, even if you’ve taken out a contract with a service provider.

Many times, in the event of theft, you still have to pay the contract fee until the contract date expires, but you are without a phone. Mobile insurance will help cover the cost of damages, theft, fire, and accidents.

You can insure Your cell phone under Household insurance

Short-term insurance companies like Regent Insurance, Old Mutual and OUTsurance all offer this cover. When inquiring about cell phone insurance be sure to know the brand, model and if possible, the price of the mobile phone or device you want to specify.

This information will speed up the paperwork if you should claim. It’s wise to insure your possessions at insurance companies that are well-known and trusted. Established companies have the ability to offer you competitive premiums that are often more affordable.

Cell phone insurance companies

When looking at cell phone cover, you have the option to insure you cell phone at various mobile phone insurance providers which will allow you to get affordable premiums. You can buy Cell phone insurance from a service provider like MTN, Cell Cor or a retail shop like Edgars, Jet Mobile or Truworths. If you do take out cell phone insurance from a clothing store, you do not have to own an account there.

Getting a Cell phone insurance Quote is Quick and easy

Obtaining cell phone insurance quotes is as easy as one, two, three. Fill in the form on the webpage of the desired company or companies you want quotes from, and submit when finished. A consultant will contact you with the relevant, desired information.

Complete and send the form to get a FREE insurance quote