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King Price Review

The real benefit of taking out any kind of insurance is that having it reduces financial risk, and it will give you the financial support you need when the unexpected happens. Here is more on home insurance in this King Price review.

South Africa has so excellent insurance providers, and with King Price, you will always feel like they’re making life easier for you. We take a look at some of what you can look forward to.

Benefit from royal Insurance Products – King Price Review

When it comes to insurance products, King Price invite you to try out their services and products because they believe you can benefit from royal products. They are a South African based, privately King Price Reviewheld insurance company offering short-term insurance.

They started out in June 2012 advertising themselves as offering super cheap premiums that decrease monthly.

The insurance company was founded by Gideon Galloway and their insurance is re-insured by reinsurer Munich RE. Their head offices are in Waterkloof, Pretoria.

King Price tells you on their website that they treat all their customers like royalty. They say that while they’re in the business of insurance, they want to make a difference with the insurance they offer. They offer –

  • car insurance
  • building insurance
  • home contents insurance
  • portable possessions insurance
  • caravan insurance
  • trailer insurance
  • scratch and dent insurance
  • R1 insurance
  • King’s Cab
  • Shortfall Cover

They have also been at the receiving end of some awards –

  • the finalist with the ‘SA Innovation Awards’ for the category ‘Corporate Innovation’ and this was for the year 2015/2016.
  • second place for ‘The Star’s readers’ choice awards’ in the category ‘Best Company – short-term insurance’ and also for the year 2015/2016.


The Usefulness of Shortfall Insurance – King Price Review

One of their innovative products is their Shortfall Insurance. For instance, if the car they insure comprehensively for you is stolen, hijacked or written off in an accident, this shortfall insurance covers the amount that you still owe the financer, after King Price has paid out the value of the car.

Another of their innovative products is their R1 insurance. King Price say that you can insure some of your favorite things for just R1 monthly. You’ll want to contact them on to find out more about this. Their contact details are –

Head office – King Price Review

Menlyn Corporate Park, Block A, 175 Corobay Ave, Waterkloof Glen Ext 11, 0081

Phone numbers – Office – 0860 50 50 50, Alternative Number: 012 001 0900
Business insurance: 0860 21 00 00
Email: Client Care –, General –

King Price Insurance say that there are a number of good reasons why you might want to think about getting insurance from them –

  • seriously cheap insurance that decreases monthly
  • no bogus ‘no claims bonus’
  • award-winning royal service for customers
  • choose an excess that suits your budget
  • emergency assistance 24/7 when you’re stranded along the road
  • R1 insurance for the likes of your bicycle, golf clubs, camera etc


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Santam Review

There are very few people who, if their goods were stolen, would be able to replace them. Here is a Santam Review for home insurance

In other countries, replacing goods yourself without the help of insurance could work, but in South Africa with the crime rate higher than in most other countries, buying insurance cover is in all likelihood more economical.

The whole idea of insurance, after all, is to see that you don’t incur any huge expenses with your loss. And that your financial position remains pretty much intact.

When you buy short-term insurance, you’re taking out a financial contract so as to protect your assets in the case of loss or damage.

Become one of Santam’s Millions of Policyholders – Santam Review

Santam ReviewSantam is a leading general insurer in South Africa, providing a diverse range of general insurance products and services in parts of Africa and internationally. They serve more than 1 million policyholders who are individuals or business owners.

The Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Trust en Assuransie Maatskappy is what the word Santam stands for. They opened their doors for the first time in 1918 and have their head office in Cape Town.

Santam offers a broad offering of services and products. Their policies offer unique benefits and can be tailored so that they suit each client’s needs. Today Santam is regarded as a powerful trademark, and their yellow umbrella symbolizes their range of cover and the peace of mind they can offer you.

Home Insurance – Santam Review

Santam knows how important your home and possessions are. There is a difference between home owner’s insurance and home contents insurance. Home owner’s insurance or buildings insurance covers the structure of your house and immovable items. While home contents insurance covers everything in your house which you take with you when you leave.

Start-Up Business Insurance – Santam Review

When it comes to a small business, Santam understands that every start-up business is unique. They have in the region of 100 years of experience and plenty of expertise to ensure South African businesses. They make sure that your start-up has proper cover for events such as theft and fire.

For a small sum of about R162 a month, Santam can cover your business for client legal- as well as product liability up to R3 000 000. Included in their insurance package a small business start-up can be covered by the likes of burglary, malicious damage, storms, hail, fire and loss of keys among others.

Apart from the different kinds of insurance that Santam offers, they also have what is known as a one-stop dashboard where you can view all your insurance information. They want to ensure that you can enjoy the convenience and you can –

  • view and track claims according to different dates
  • you can find policy details on all your kinds of insurance – car, home, liability and all risk
  • Santam has risk calculators to work out if you have decent cover
  • you can find all your payment details as well as a history of premiums you have paid
  • you have the means to update your policy such as when you have a change of address


No ‘Buts’ and ‘Ifs’ with Santam

Santam knows that insurance companies make all sorts of promises. The insurance company has always held that they do insurance good and proper, offering top insurance which comes with no ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’.

Santam has a determination to be an insurer who pays rather than an insurer who comes up with lots of reasons why they won’t pay.

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An Outsurance Review

Not having insurance at the right time can cause you lose but a whole lot of inconvenience too. In this Outsurance Review, we will go over everything you might need to know.

In South Africa today, many people are appreciating income protection cover because they’ve seen how many of their friends have been retrenched and been left with the loss of an income.

There is quite a lot to insurance – knowing what coverage is a must-have, what the conditions are of the cover, what the monthly premium is, what it will cover and how much the insurer will pay out when you put a claim in.

When something goes wrong, it can be reassuring to have insurance to help with covering the expenses of your loss. South Africa has a number of excellent insurance providers, and Outsurance is a popular choice.

About Outsurance – Outsurance Review

Outsurance ReviewIt was in 1998, that Outsurance made the decision to ensure that their clients wouldn’t just be continuously putting in, but would get something out too. They were the ones that pioneered the concept of getting some money back if you remain claim free.

This unusual aspect with Outsurance is that their clients get a cash OUTbonus. This is a cash bonus that rewards you just because you have been claiming free for 3 consecutive years. OUTsurance pays 10% of the insurance you’ve paid in premiums back to you in cash.

That’s precisely what Outsurance clients appreciate about the insurer – they don’t dish out discount vouchers or points that but rather give their clients something useful – real money in your pockets and you get to spend it the way you want.

By remaining claim free for another 2 years, clients get another 10%, receiving 10% of your paid premiums back for each claim-free year thereafter. Outsurance like to draw your attention to the fact that after 10 claim-free years, clients will have received 7 outbonuses.

Insurance for Individuals and Businesses – Outsurance Review

Certainly today, everyone knows OUtsurance for its innovative products. They are an approved financial services provider, and apart from catering to individuals, they also launched their Business OUTsurance. This caters for the insurance needs of all kinds of businesses, regardless of size.

Later in 2010 they entered the life insurance market, providing comprehensive death, disability, and critical illness cover.

Unusual Insurance – Outsurance Review

Apart from their standard product offerings, Outsurance offers other more ‘unusual’ kinds of insurance products to cater for cyclists, 4×4 off-roading as well as watersport enthusiasts. Also, if you’re a party animal and you’ve had one too many. Their Buddy@OUT product allows you to book your own personal chauffeur who ensure you and your car arrive safely at home.

What happens if you Claim? – Outsurance Review

While you may well claim and then forfeit your Outbonus, all is not lost, as a new OUTbonus cycle starts immediately after the claim.  After 3 years of not claiming, as always, you’ll still get your 10% of total paid premiums back in cash.

Outsurance have made sure that their insurance products are simple and affordable – no hidden surprises waiting for you. Another attractive aspect is that Outsurance premiums are fixed for the next 12 months. Whatever insurance you opt for, at Outsurance, you always get something out.

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Mutual and Federal Review

Nobody can say what will happen in the next hours. Insurance can be a safety net for when the unexpected happens. Here is more in this Mutual and Federal Review.

In South Africa, homeowners face the risk of their property being invaded, their goods stolen and their lives lost. Not being insured can turn out to be doubly costly to replace everything.

Being prepared for a loss of this sort can provide you with a sense of peace. And South Africa has some excellent insurance providers.

In June 2017, Mutual & Federal became Old Mutual Insure. Nonetheless, people in South Africa have always relied on the name to provide them with tried and trusted products and services.

Nearly 2 Centuries of Experience  – Mutual and Federal Review

Mutual and Federal ReviewThe company hasn’t got nearly 2 centuries of experience behind them for nothing. During this time they have become a leading short-term insurance provider that people can rely on.  They started out in 1831 as the South African Fire and Life Assurance Company. Today they have become one of the top insurers in the country.

Mutual & Federal make sure that they keep up with all the latest insurance trends which they carry over to their client.

Iwyze  – Mutual & Federal’s Direct Insurance Option

One of their newer products is their iWyze insurance. This policy is the insurer’s direct insurance option, and it doesn’t require a broker.  Apart from being able to take out insurance for motorcycles, caravans, and watercraft. You can benefit from insurance such as homeowners, household, and car insurance as well as a personal liability- and personal goods insurance.

Mutual and Federal create a policy for individual car insurance cover for your budget. This car insurance is made up of comprehensive-, third party only and a third party, fire and theft cover.

Optional benefits includes cover for any medical emergency in which a passenger sustains an injury while in your car.  Mutual and Federal also offer car owners with a benefit known as ‘keys and locks’ where Mutual and Federal will pay to replace the keys, key cards or locks or remotes of your vehicle if you lose them or they become damaged. Also if you are the victim of a car accident. They will within reason, pay for you and one passenger to stay in a hotel for a period of 2 days.

Mutual & Federal’s Cover Extends to Farmers

Mutual and Federal provide cover for businesses as well as for the agricultural market. Providing cover specifically for the farming industry. Their product AgriPlus is a specialized insurance product for agricultural equipment.

They also offer crop insurance. Which is most important as it protects these crops from the likes of fire, hail, and frost as well as drought etc.

Then again, their personal lines insurance is of particular importance for South Africans because it provides cover for home, car, and possessions through a broker.

Get Sorted – Mutual and Federal Review

Mutual & Federal offers a number of other useful policies, and just some of these are known as Surewise, Allsure, Insurance 4 all and family care policies.  If anyone of these policies appeals to you, why not call Mutual and Federal and see what they can offer you?

You can find them at Building No. 14, Boardwalk Office Park, 107 Eros Rd, Faerie Glen, Pretoria and their phone details are 012 999 9500 or  011 374 9111. You can also email them at

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Miway Review

If we lived in a country free of crime we wouldn’t need so much insurance. But South Africa has got one of the highest crime rates and we need insurance for everything. Here is more on home insurance in this Miway review.

Some kinds of insurance are mandatory in the country, while most aren’t required by law. It can be comforting having insurance in place, and some important insurances are for your car and your home.

You’ve got some Good Options – Miway Review

Fortunately, South Africa also has a good selection of insurance providers that cover everything from cars to homes to clothes and jewels, pets, our lives, Miway Reviewour health and even in death we can have funeral cover.

MiWay is a financial services company and also a direct short-term insurer. They offer customers a range of short-term insurance products –


  • motor insurance as well as limited car insurance
  • homeowners- and household insurance
  • business insurance and liability cover
  • building insurance
  • caravan insurance
  • bicycle and motorcycle insurance
  • Chips, Scratch and Dent Cover
  • life insurance
  • credit life insurance

Miway keeps up with changing trends in the country and they were the first company tackling short-term insurance in South Africa to do everything online. They were launched in 2008 and in 2014 they received the Mail & Guardian ‘Top Companies Reputation Index’ Award.

They like to think they are different to other insurance company and they believe these factors make them stand over other insurance companies –

  • all their products, which includes their policy documents, have been designed with ease of understanding
  • their products offer value for money and you won’t find any hidden clauses that will emerge to shock you
  • they offer competitive premiums


Miway is also concerned about making sure to offer customers an awesome experience. They want their customers to enjoy the convenience of the Internet. It’s where they can buy their insurance online, but also make use of the Miway App and manage their financial services portfolio online too. If this doesn’t suit you, you can work through one of their telecentres. They were, in fact, the first South African insurance company to offer and administer short-term insurance policies online.

Dedicated Page to Complain or Praise – Miway Review

To ensure they can deliver they have also created a dedicated website page where Miway customers can share their experiences about Miway on this page, whether good or bad. Everyone can read these reviews and get an idea of what to expect from Miway.

Miway also wants to offer their customers convenience, and they’ve got the Miway App so that users can benefit from an entire suite of services from the palm of their hands.

One of two important features of this app includes online chat and WeDrive Call Bookings. This allows you to party the night away, and have someone drive you safely home. The Capture accident Scene details ensure you always have details on what is required by Miway for when you’re involved in a car accident.

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