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Travel Insurance equals Peace of mind and a Safe holiday

Are you off on your holidays? Have you got Travel Insurance for the best medical attention and assistance in case of an emergency while you’re away?

Insurance is a vital and often overlooked part of a travel itinerary, so you need to have it on your holiday checklist.

If you have never gone abroad, you can’t possibly be prepared for what situations you might find yourself in, regardless of what the travel brochures say. Don’t forget people overseas are called foreigners.

But buyer beware — travel agent’s insurance is pretty pricey.

What is Travel Insurance and is it Really that Important?

Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance South Africa is a product offered by insurance companies, as well as credit card companies.

Insurance covers your medical expenses and losses incurred when you’re travelling. You can get local travel cover and cover for international travel.

Credit card companies offer free insurance if you book your travel tickets with your credit card. But this type of insurance might not necessarily be comprehensive, and it’s a good idea to get extra cheap travel insurance.

Compare Travel Insurance Offers

It’s a good idea to make an insurance comparison. Both insurance companies and travel agents offer insurance, but the premiums differ according to the destination, duration of the trip, age and a few other factors.

What are the Benefits of Travelling with Insurance

  • Emergency medical assistance Cover – will ensure you see the right medical advisers and get the right treatment. Approved medical fees paid if you have an accident or fall ill while on holiday.
  • Personal accident cover – You receive financial protection against death or disability.
  • Emergency evacuation and transportation – If you need to return to SA due to a medical claim, travel insurance will cover repatriation.
  • Personal liability cover – protects you against costs of damage to third parties or property and also insures you for rental car damage.
  • Travel assistance – Travelling insurance usually comes with a 24-hour helpline to help you deal with claims, visa and inoculation information and emergency medical evaluations, amongst other things pertinent to your travels.
  • Protection  for personal belongings and baggage.
  • Legal expenses – that are related to your journey.
  • Trip cancellation   or interruption of a planned itinerary.
  • Funeral expenses   as well as cremation or burial or repatriation of your remains if you die overseas on holiday.
  • Delayed baggage   and delayed departure expenses are covered by travel insurance.

Schengen Insurance

A Schengen visa for travel to Europe is just as important as local insurance.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in South Africa

The best way to pick an insurance policy is via insurance quotes online. Some of the top companies include:

Remember that insurance from travel agents is usually the most expensive. Have a carefree holiday, get insurance.

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