Education Insurance Ensure Your Children’s Futures

Have you ever considered taking out an education plan for child? Education insurance is a type of life insurance policy designed to be used as a savings tool. It helps with providing an amount of money when your child reaches college age. The funds from the education insurance policy can be used to pay for your child’s higher education fees.

With education insurance, the child is life assured and you as a parent or legal guardian is the endowment policy owner.

Discovery Education Plan

Discovery offers an education investment plan, the Discovery Life Global Education Protector. The education policy Discovery helps you provide for your child’s education should you become disabled, severely ill or die. Get education insurance to make sure your child’s education plans are covered.

This education policy for children will cover you both locally and internationally, ensuring a bright future for your offspring.

What to Cover with Education Policy For Child?

Education insurEducation Insuranceance from Discovery will help guarantee the best possibly education for your child. You can choose for the benefit to pay in the event of:

  • Death only
  • Severe illness and disability
  • Severe illness, disability and death

You can also have the education insurance policy pay out should your spouse encounter a life changing event.

What Affects the Life Insurance Premium?

Certain things affect your education insurance, including:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your lifestyle
  • Payment optionsDiscovery Life Global Education Protector

Discovery will allow you to enjoy an initial discount on your premium and then control your payments by integrating Vitality; Vitalitydrive or Discovery Health.

Enjoying Financial Rewards with Education Insurance

Besides the initial discount, you can control your premium and get part of it back with Discovery Life’s PayBack Benefit. You’ll also get 60% back every five years.

Throughout the education insurance policy, you can enjoy tax-free cash pay outs. Perfect for topping up your retirement savings.

Do You Know Your Health?

Before getting life insurance quotes, keep in mind it pays to improve your health. Discovery’s Vitality programme makes this easy. You can earn points by doing various health assessments. You’re also entitled to great discounts at fitness partners.


Your education insurance will cover the costs of pre-school through to tertiary education both here and overseas. You’ll even have the opportunity to upgrade your child’s education to private education with Discovery’s plan. There is also a book allowance and cover for residence at varsity.

How Long Does Cover Last?

Education insurance covers costs from the beginning of an education year in which your child completes their first qualification, or until they are 24 years old.

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