Hippo Makes It Easy to Compare Insurance Quotes

Unlike a company such as Mutual and Federal, Hippo itself is not an insurance provider. It provides for comparison purposes a variety of insurance products from companies such as Regent Insurance and Hollard. It is very similar to the company Compare Car Insurance. The difference between the two is that Compare Car Insurance only provides quotations for car insurance.Hippo provides quotations on a much wider range of insurance products. By entering your details and requirements on the relevant Hippo webpage a variety of quotes will be displayed.

What is Hippo insurance?

Hippo insurance is basically the insurance that you have chosen to use after receiving your Hippo insurance quotes. The company works in association with a select group of top insurance providers such as Auto & General and the Automobile Association. You need to input all your insurance requirements and details into the request quotation page on the Hippo website. The cost and a summary of benefits will then be displayed in real time. The list will be ordered by Hippo Insurancecost. Once you have decided on a quote Hippo will send your details to the insurance provider. The provider will call you having already received the necessary details from Hippo. The insurance provider will confirm the quotation with you and make any changes that you may decide upon.

Does Hippo offer cheaper insurance?

As this is not an insurance provider it would not be correct to say that they offer cheaper insurance. What they do is provide you with a list of Hippo quotes from the best insurance companies in South Africa. This enables you to see all the benefits and costs online. You are able to see which company is offering the cheapest insurance policy based on your requirements. It is estimated that by comparing quotations supplied through Hippo people are saving around R329 on their insurance premiums each month.

More about Hippo

Everyone wants to try and save money when they insure their car for instance. To find the lowest car insurance can be extremely time consuming. Unless a broker is used it will be necessary to contact a variety of insurance companies. Once received, all the quotations will need to be compared. By requesting Hippo car insurance quotes, a huge amount of time and effort is saved. A Hippo car insurance quotation will detail in full, the costs and benefits from a variety of well known insurance companies.

Hippo provides insurance quotations for both long term and short term insurance. Quotations are available for home insurance, business insurance, medical insurance, life insurance and a variety of other insurance products. These quotations are provided to you for free and no costs for this service are passed on to you. If you select a product offered to you via a Hippo insurance quote, the insurance provider will pay them a commission.