Miway Short Term Insurance Direct

The Miway insurance company offers affordable insurance policies online. Miway is particularly keen to be at your service online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Access to Miway insurance can be either via their call centre, or you may request a Miway insurance quote or make Miway claims online. The choice is yours, but they are very keen for you to use their online services. If you take out a policy with MiWay online,MiWay will give you roughly three months of free premiums. This really does help to provide you with cheaper insurance.

What is Miway?

MiWay is a short term insurance company. This means that MiWay does not deal with insurance policies such as Life Insurance and retirement policies. Short term insurance is used to cover items such as vehicles and household contents.

How does it work?

MiwayIt is necessary to take out certain types of insurance. For instance you will need car insurance if you own and drive a car. If you have a property and a bond over the property, your bond provider will want to ensure that the building is insured.

When you take out an insurance policy you need to make regular payments to the insurance provider as agreed when you first take out the policy. These payments are called premiums. If you are unlucky enough to need to make a claim, then the insurance provider will cover the cost of the loss or damage as agreed in the policy.

Very few insurance providers will pay you back money if you donot make a claim. Instead the money is pooled so that the insurance provider has the ability to pay out other policy holders when they need to make a claim

What insurance does Miway offer?

As with other insurance companies such as Alexander Forbes insurance, Auto and General, Mutual and Federal, and Virgin Money Insurance,MiWay offers a variety of short term insurance policies. These range from car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, buildings insurance, watercraft insurance, contents insurance, motorcycle insurance and bicycle insurance. My Way insurance is also looking to expand on their range of policies on offer.

  • Car Insurance
    Miway car insurance offers Comprehensive, Third-Party, Fire and Theft, and Third-Party only.
  • Business Insurance.
    This is aimed at covering your business whether it is business vehicles, goods in transit, or towing broken down company vehicles.
  • Buildings Insurance.
    MiWaybuilding insurance covers all permanent structures on your property, permanent fixtures, pipes, cables and swimming pools.
  • Contents Insurance.
    MiWay contents insurance covers all your personal possessions within your home.
  • Motorcycle Insurance.
    Myway insurance will cover all types of motorcycles from quad bikes to super bikes.
  • Bicycle Insurance
    My Way insurance will cover the theft and damage of bicycles if you are protected by their bicycle insurance.
  • Home Insurance
    This MiWay policy is similar to contents insurance, but including events such as burst geysers, fires, breakages and lightening.
  • Watercraft Insurance
    This MiWay offering covers your watercraft from theft fire and damage by bad weather.