Mutual and Federal Combines History With Experience

Mutual and Federal started up over 180 years ago. It is the oldest of all the short term insurance companies in South Africa. Mutual and Federal has branches all over South Africa. It also has branches in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

In South Africa the main branches are:

  • Mutual and Federal Johannesburg
  • Mutual and Federal Bloemfontein
  • Mutual and Federal Cape Town

What is Mutual and Federal Insurance?

The Mutual and Federal insurance company is owned in its entirety by Old Mutual plc.Mutual and Federal is one of the top providers of short term insurance in South Africa. All of the insurance on offer by Mutual and Federal such as Mutual and Federal car insurance is short term insurance. If you need long term insurance then you will need to use a different insurance Mutual and Federalprovider for that.

What can be insured through them?

Mutual & Federal offers Personal Insurance, Business Insurance and Farmers Insurance.

Personal Insurance Products offered by Mutual and Federal

Whether you are individual looking for personal insurance such as cheaper car insurance or home contents insurance, one of these four packages will fit your needs.

  • allsure
  • surewise
  • insurance for all
  • iWYZE

Business Insurance Products offered by Mutual and Federal

Whatever your business, there is a Mutual and Federal business insurance policy available to cover your business.

  • multi sure
  • Engineering insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Risk insurance

Farmers Insurance Products offered by Mutual and Federal

Whether you are a wine producing farmer, a crop farmer or raise livestock, Mutual and Federal will insure it all.

  • Agriplus
  • Agricrop
  • Agriwine

Get comparative quotes

To get a quote from Mutual and Federal all you need to do is complete and submit the form on their webpage. Before taking out any kind of insurance it is recommended that you get several insurance quotes. There are a great many insurance companies in South Africa of which Mutual Federal is just one. You can either contact several insurance companies yourself or use the services of an insurance broker.

Once you have received all the insurance quotations, you must review them carefully. Even if it is just a car insurance quotation read through the document carefully. Make sure that the policies insure all the items that you need to have insured. If a policy is offering more insurance than you asked for, then it is going to cost you more than you need to spend. Only take out what insurance you need currently. One of the purposes of short term insurance is to be able to change or amend it as your circumstances change.