Outsurance and the Art of Getting Something Out

We have all heard the Outsurance tagline and slogan-You Always Get Something Out.What does this mean for you exactly? Are they referring to their R400-program, where you get this amount of money if you can get a cheaper insurance quote somewhere else? Are they, perhaps, referring to their special Outbonus program?

Well, with Outsurance, you certainly get these two distinct advantages. You also get a whole lot more. They offer you, for example, specialised business insurance. This covers a wide variety of businesses, from hotels and guesthouses, to chemists, optometrists and even beauty salons. With the overall type of cover available from Outsurance, you will definitely not look at insurance the same way.

How do they compare though, with other insurers in the country?

Outsurance OutbonusInsurance Companies in South Africa

As a company, Outsurance has developed a very specific, industry-focused business model. This hybrid model stands them in good stead, particularly when measured with other companies like Regent insurance as well as Auto and General, who have both been playing the insurance game for quite a while. Even against more recent competition from the likes of Miway insurance Outsurance still comes out shining.

From the way that you are covered by Outsurance insurance, you will find it hard to come up with an insurance company that cares for you and your business as much as Outsurance does. It is their attention to the details of your cover, both for you and for your business, that have made them such an outstanding company. The following information gives you a brief outline of the products that they offer, and some insight to them as a company.

About Outsurance Insurance

Outsurance offers personal, life, and business insurance. This means that you can get a complete portfolio of coverage from one place. They offer you specialised insurance for your vehicle as well, and with the Outsurance car insurance, you also get comprehensive fleet coverage for your business.

Outsurance goes further to offer you cheaper insurance. Whether you need their personal and life cover, or you need buildings insurance, business contents insurance or insurance for the electronics in your business, then Outsurance is the company to offer you tailor-made solutions that will meet your needs. Your vehicles are covered for everything from hijacking and theft, to fire or even acts of nature. Buildings, outbuildings, permanent fixtures and improvements made to your building are also covered.

This company really offers you everything in terms of you insurance needs.

How To Get Outsurance Insurance Quotes

At Outsurance, they have also made getting insurance quotes very easy.Whether you are looking for car insurance quotation, Life, Business, or Home insurance quotes, you just need to visit their website. The people at Outsurance also have a very well manned call enter, for both claims and Outsurance quotes.

Outsurance South Africa has changed the face of insurance in this country. They have made themselves both accessible and accountable to every single one of their clients, love that they get something out — every time.

* Here’s a sweet YouTube video involving Outsurance