First for Women Charge Lower Premiums for Woman Drivers

Back in 2002 it was observed that there was a market for car insurance exclusive to women. Surveys showed that men are more likely to have a road accident than women. It has also been proven that a far higher percentage of men drink and drive than women. With women having fewer and less costly accidents, First for Women was set up. By only covering female drivers,First for Women were able to provide cheaper car insurance as female drivers are lower insurance risks.

Women and short term insurers

Insurance companies tend to have a set rate that they charge based on the type of car insurance that you request and on your profile. When they profile you they take into consideration the type of car that you drive. The more expensive and higher performance the car, the higher your premiums will be. They will take into consideration where you live. If you First for Womenlive in a high crime area then there is a bigger risk of the car being stolen. Therefore it will be more costly to insure than if you lived in a low crime area. They will look at your driving routine.

If you only travel short distances locally then you are a lesser risk than someone that drives long distances on busy highways. They will look at your previous claims to see if you have had an accident in the past. They look at many other things as well, but until First for Women came onto the scene, there were no woman car insurers. The fact that female drivers are a lesser risk than their male counterparts was never taken into consideration. First for Women is the only short term insurance provider to take this fact into consideration.

What is First for Women?

First for Women is a short term insurance provider specifically catering to the needs of women. By only providing car insurance to women, 1st for women can offer lower premiums. First for Women car insurance takes into account the fact that women are a lesser insurance risk than men when it comes to driving a vehicle. First for Women also recognises that when driving, a woman’s needs are different to a man’s. For instance Directions Assist is available. This is a 24-hour helpline which can be used to get directions if required whilst driving within South Africa.

First for Women insurance

First for Woman does not only provide cheap car insurance to women. Over the years First for Women have introduced more insurance products designed to meet the specific needs of women. They now also provide motorcycle insurance, caravan and trailer insurance, buildings insurance, home contents insurance to name but a few.

To get a quote from First for Women all you need to do is complete and submit the form on their webpage. Once you have received your online quote insurance you should compare it with at least three other insurance quotes.There are many insurance providers in South Africa, and even if you are a female, it does not necessarily mean that First for Women will offer you the cheapest policy for your specific needs.
Another great benefit offered by First for Women  is their Cash Back Plus. If you do not make any First for Women claims for four consecutive years you will receive your first year’s premiums as a cash back reward.

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