Santam Leading South African Short Term Insurer

A definite veteran in the insurance industry, Santam has stood the test of time. They have been providing high quality insurance products to their customers for very many years. They have managed to do this affordably too. You just need to think of the Santam car insurance policy, and get Santam car insurance quotes to know this.

Santam is proof that when you find something that works, stick to it. They are also proof that even the most successful business models need to be revisited, and adjusted in order to keep up with the times. This has led to their massive evolution, and the success that they as a company enjoy today, and that you as a customer enjoy.

About Santam Insurance South Africa

Santam is a premier insurer in South Africa, one that believes that insurance should add value to your life. They understand what is important to you, and you just need to go to Santam online to Santamsee how they have streamlined their business, making even their claims process relatively easy and accessible.

Santam caters for your short term, with their Santam short term insurance. With over 22%of the market share, the company has solidified their place in the insurance industry, and their products range from Life and Business, to the comprehensive Santam vehicle insurance policy. They have a unique approach to insurance, and this has ensured that they enjoy a large part of the market today, something that no other insurer can claim.

The multiplex product is one that has seen a massive evolution over the last while. Let us now discuss just how it works.

How Santam Multiplex Works

The Santam Multiplex product is a multichannel distribution product that is multiproduct based, bringing these products directly and comprehensively to the short-term insurance market in South Africa. That is the long and short of it. The company has, through this product, made available motor vehicle, household, personal accident and liability cover. A number of value-add products are also made available to their clients.

This product and its attached benefits are made available to you, the client, through the Broker Services unit, an outsourced Portfolio Administration business, and direct business. You can make Santam claims easily with through any of these channels.

Santam is a true leader in the field of insurance, and getting quotes from them is very easy. The following section covers this.

Where To Get Santam Insurance Quotes

Santam really does insurance very well. They pay careful consideration to you and your needs, apply the principles of due diligence, and show incredible expertise in their dealings with you, the client. If you are not yet with Santam insurance, you can request a quote from Santam. The Santam insurance quote that you receive might just convince you to switch insurers.

Santam offers good risk rewards, where clients who prove themselves to be good risks get up to a 25% saving on their premium. With their claims handled with care and accountability too, the company looking at the reasons they should pay you rather than focusing on the reasons they should not, I hope you are asking yourself why you are not already insured with them.