Does Bicycle Insurance fall Under a Home Insurance Policy

As the cost of living rises, many people are looking to ride a bicycle to work. They find themselves into bicycle insurance. Cycles are pretty good value for money, and just for commuting to work and back you can get a good quality entry-level bicycle for £300 or so. In South Africa, you can get a quality second-hand bicycle for roughly R500. Always go for the best bike you can afford because quality, a sturdy bicycle will reward you with durability. It will inspire you to want to get out more. You might want to get Bicycle Insurance for yourself.

Prices of Bikes Mean Insurance is Essential – Bicycle Insurance

The Eastway Emitter R2 gets some great ratings. Whether you opt for the £950 model or the flagship Emitter of £2,200 machine, these bikes have the same carbon fibre frame. Then again you get bicycles which take part in the Tour de France for instance, and these lightweight bicycles are more aerodynamic. Look at the Cannondale Supersix EVO for instance. You’re looking at a price of about  £6374.00. Bicycles are in demand, especially by thieves. They can also be seriously damaged if, during a crash, the frame was mangled. Bicycle insurance is imperative.

You May Require Additional Cover

Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle insurance is available from specialist cycle insurance providers, and this insurance aims to offer cover that not every home insurance policy will cover. For instance, Accidental damage to bicycles isn’t always provided by household insurers. Also, accessories cover and spare parts as well as race fees won’t be safe under a home insurance policy.

Indeed, if you have a home insurance policy, your bicycle might well be covered,  but most policies have limitations. This cover is usually for general items in your home. You will need to let your insurer know if you require coverage for expensive single items such as a high-end bicycle.

What about Insurance Outside Your Home?

You’ll often find that a home insurance policy will only cover items while they are in your home. If you have your expensive bike stolen outside your home, you are likely not to have it covered by your home contents policy. If you want to cover your bike for when it’s away from home, you’ll need to add, personal possessions cover to your contents insurance policy. So yes, bicycle insurance does fall under a home insurance policy, but it may not be adequate.

Also, does your home contents policy insure your bicycle if you are using it at competitive races such as the Tour de France? Insurers usually look at these kinds of races at supernatural speeds as high risk.

Get Tailored Cover – Your Bike is Unique

That is why some people look at this specialist bicycle insurance. It may well cost a bit more than just adding another item to your home insurance policy. But specialist insurers are more likely able to tailor your bicycle needs to meet your needs.
Insurers always weigh up the risk of insuring your items, and they know too well that today’s bikes are high-value items that everybody wants. Bikes are in demand by thieves.

Do research and decide whether it will be cheaper to add your bicycle to your home insurance policy or take a separate bike insurance policy.  You may even have your bike covered under a home insurance policy. Is it enough? Compare the market for the best deals on bicycle insurance. There are people after your bike – who know its value – and you can’t be without insurance that covers every event.

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