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As much as we do not like to think about household insurance, unexpected things can and do happen to your possessions, unfortunately.

You need to plan for the protection of your worldly goods and make sure that you have adequate home contents insurance.

After all, you have collected and gathered your favourite artefacts and possessions over the years, it’s taken time and effort which should not be dismissed lightly.

What if you need to replace something valuable, a cherished heirloom or that fire damaged Picasso? When you consider it, can you afford to be without home insurance?

Why you Need Household Insurance in South Africa

Household InsuranceThe biggest reason why one would get household insurance from Discovery Insure is that in the event of a fire, theft, flood or any other damages, you will have the financial back-up to cover all losses.

In South Africa, you can request house contents insurance quotes as well as car insurance quotes from many insurance firms. Most firms like Regent Insurance will be able to provide comprehensive home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, and insurance for commercial vehicles.

While you’re About it, Why not Car and Household insurance?

The car insurance available in South Africa can be comprehensive or basic. The basic option will leave you with a smaller premium, but you have to calculate if saving money now would not be more expensive in the long run, especially if you are involved in a pile-up.

When you take out a comprehensive car insurance option from Santam, you have three cover choices: Comprehensive, Third-party, fire and theft or Third party Only cover. If you want, you can add additional benefits to your policy, which includes emergency accommodation, emergency toiletries or medicine, medical expenses and trauma treatment cover for you and your family.

Santam also has other products like household insurance as well as building insurance and commercial insurance.

There are a Range of Insurance companies That offer a Range of Benefits

Many insurance firms like OUTsurance provide house insurance as well as car insurance and rewards their members with incentives like the OUTbonus. With this benefit, you receive a cash bonus for not claiming.

King Price only sells car insurance where you do not pay the same premium each month. The payment decreases on a monthly basis because your vehicle depreciates each month this is an attractive incentive as compared to bonuses that will only pay out if you do not claim after a few years.

Always make sure that the value of the items insured under household insurance is up to date, and it’s wise so keep an inventory list of all household items. Give a copy of the list to you insurance firm as it will make the claim process easier if you should have to claim.

South African Insurance companies each have a different approach when it comes to insurance. If you are a woman, insurance quotes from First for Women might prove to be financially beneficial to your pocket. First for Women believes that women are better drivers and deserve better premiums as a reward.

Then there is OUTsurance, if they are unable to match your current insurance premium, they will pay you R400 in cash.

Obtaining an online insurance quote can be rewarding. Fill in the form on the web page and submit when finished.

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