Stanbic Household and Car Insurance

Nobody likes paying for insurance because they don’t get something tangible for it in return. They pay a hefty sum each month, and that’s it – nothing back. In South Africa, you need as much insurance as you can get. Be off-guard for a minute, and disaster could strike your car or home. So consider making Stanbic your insurance partner.

You can be Cleaned out in Minutes

Anybody who owns a house knows what it takes to furnish it. When you’re insuring your home with Stanbic, you’ll need to know the value of its contents. There’ll be furniture, expensive clothes and shoes, electronics, artworks, jewellery and even items in the garden shed such as ride-on lawn mowers and power tools.

In the garages, there could be cars, boats, caravans, bicycles, motorbikes and lots of smaller power tools. A night out on the town, and you could return to find the lot gone. In South Africa, there are those who watch your home, discover your movements, and they know when to strike.

Stanbic Home InsuranceHomeowners insurance from Stanbic covers private homes and their contents. There are always major reasons to buy home and car insurance:

  • To have liability coverage – this is because there will always be people who come onto your property, and if they get injured, your homeowner’s policy will cover your personal legal responsibility.
  • To provide property coverage – this kind of insurance covers the physical structure of your home and car if someone damages or destroys them.
  • If you get a mortgage from the Bank, as a lender, you need insurance as long as you have a mortgage, which applies to your car too – if one took a loan from the bank, then you have to take out insurance as well.  Sometimes this cost is included in your monthly payment.

Review Your Insurance Regularly

Not all homeowner and car policies are the same, and it is up to you to also make sure that you have adequate insurance. As the years roll on, your situation can change, and you need to review your insurance regularly. You don’t want to have to claim, only to find that your insurance was hopelessly inadequate. Insurance must be reliable if you want to protect your largest assets.
There are three basic types of Stanbic car insurance for you:

  • Comprehensive car insurance –  covers your car against accidents, fire and theft. It also covers you against claims by 3rd parties where you are liable for their damage.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft –  loss or damage as a result of fire or theft. Also, covers you against third party claims.
  • Third Party Only insurance  – this is for where you are liable for damage or injury to others.

Stanbic home insurance falls into two categories:

  • Homeowners insurance – this is damage to the actual building.
  • Home contents insurance – covers everything inside your home.

Homeowners cover does NOT automatically include your home contents.  So you must insure all the items in your home separately.

Go with the Reputation of Stanbic

If you want to have reliable household and car insurance, it is imperative to go with a trusted, reputable name in the insurance industry. Standard Bank is a licensed financial services provider. They have more than 150 years of service in South Africa which speaks for itself.

Such longevity means they are doing something right. Pay a reasonable amount each month, to protect your two most valuable assets after your life – your car and your home.

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