1st for Women Short-Term Insurance

Burglaries are on the increase for one good reason; it’s easy to get inside your home. A burglary can have an enormous impact on your emotional and financial well-being. But there are some things you can do to boost your home’s security and make your home safer. 1st for Women have the interests of South African females on their mind. And they know how important household contents insurance are to them.

Everything in your home constitutes your household contents. They include all those items which are movable. 1st for Women Insurance

First for Women warns women that they should never undervalue their household contents.  Even when they have a home contents insurance policy in place. If someone steals their goods, they will only have adequate cover if they have insured their goods at their replacement value.

Women Covered for All Kinds of Situations

All the ladies of South Africa know that with 1st for Women, they aren’t only getting lower insurance quotes but other benefits specifically for them. Some of these are trauma and Medical¬†Assist as well as road assist. The women of South African can have peace of mind knowing that 1stforwomen doesn’t only offer car insurance quotes, they cover far more.

Even while on holiday, you have full cover for your home contents, and with 1st for Woman travel insurance and car insurance South Africa, you have cover, whether at home or out and about. The beauty about First for Women insurance is that you have cover for all kinds of situations so you can simply enjoy life.

The content of your home includes the likes of furniture, appliances, bedding, clothing, gardening equipment, toys and electrical equipment. When these items are stolen, damaged by fire, power surges or different weather conditions, then 1st for Women looks out for South African females, protecting their precious possessions against theft, damage, and loss. First for Woman offers excellent Home Contents Insurance which covers –

  • burst water pipes, storms, and floods
  • lightning, fire, explosion and even an earthquake or subsistence (sinking) of land
  • damage to your home, your outbuilding caused by the likes of falling trees or animals and
  • First for Woman even covers you for where aircraft or objects falling from them
  • malicious damage to your property
  • locks and keys damaged
  • theft of washing stolen off your line
  • money stolen
  • your garage, pool, walls, and gates are all covered by buildings insurance
  • spoiled food during power failures
  • medical expenses should your pet injure you
  • medical expenses for your pet if he was injured

Free Call out Fee and 1 Hour Free Labour from 1st for Women

Even emergencies inside your home are taken care of by 1st for Women insurance. With their Home Assist, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths or glaziers, for instance, will be called out, and the call-out fee is taken care of by First for Women plus an hour’s labour from these professionals.

Whenever women look out to get the best deal on household insurance, they need to shop around first. 1st for Women took a long, hard look at the male dominated insurance industry, observing how everything was geared around the needs of men. They realize that there is a huge difference between the responsibility levels of men and women.

First for Woman launched insurance geared towards the needs of women, rewarding them with low premiums because of their responsibility. With so many good reasons to be a member of 1st for Women, what’s stopping you from benefiting from their goodwill towards women?

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