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Anybody looking for household insurance wants the same thing; to get all the coverage they can while forking out as little as possible. With a First for Women Insurance Quote, the women of South Africa have peace of mind. They have their insurance needs covered by people who care about them when life deals out a nasty surprise.

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Insurance quotes South Africa makes it possible for women to collect car and household insurance quotes online from several insurers. Women looking for an affordable First for Women insurance quote can complete the free online insurance quotes form online. They will receive an e-mail quote within no more than 5 minutes. First for Women understands that women make far more responsible policyholders than their male counterparts and they have rewarded their female clients by offering them truly affordable insurance quotes.

First for Women Insurance Quote Covers Women in their Home

What women love about 1st for Women insurance is that it doesn’t only very ably manage ladies car insurance, but it takes care of their household insurance as well. As an authorised financial services provider, First for Women understands that with South Africa’s staggering home invasion and theft rate, it is important to protect your home and its contents.

First for Women Insurance QuoteThey understand the needs of women in South Africa; know that they have a lot to lose with theft and how important it is to protect their precious things. They provide a First for Women Insurance quote in keeping with the needs of their female clients, their homes and contents and what is best for their particular budget. First for Women Insurance quotes offer far more coverage than what South African women can imagine –

  • ●washing stolen off your wash line
  • money stolen from your home
  • food spoiled in the fridge
  • malicious or intentional damage which includes locks and keys being damaged
  • burst water pipes
  • garages, outbuildings, walls, gates and swimming pool are included
  • storms and flood damage
  • damage from fire, earthquakes, explosions and lightning as well as from vehicles, falling trees etc
  • your guest’s belongings stolen from your home
  • medical expenses caused to you by your pet in your home
  • veterinary costs for your pet

Access to Accredited Professionals

Adding up the costs to replace all these items is a frightening reality of how impossible it would be without insurance. When they get free online insurance quotes from First for Women, female homeowners are delighted to discover that any emergency inside the home needn’t spell out financial disaster. With Home Assist, women can rely on the call out fee for a plumber or locksmith plus an hour of labour all being taken care of in the policy. With a First for Women Insurance quote, you also have access to a list of accredited and reputable experts such as painters and garden services to fix your problems.

Any woman who owns a home or is even renting it out needs Home Insurance because it covers your actual residential building as well as structural improvements. You also need cover for your household goods and personal effects. Premiums, as well as the payout, will depend on how much you insure your home for. You will need to calculate a financial value on the contents of your home and then insure everything for what you think its value is.

Quick and Affordable Insurance Quotes

A first time insurance shopper looking for a First for Women Insurance Quote loves the fact that without all the usual insurance jargon, 1st for Women provides South African women homeowners with the quickest and most affordable household insurance quote based on the confidential personal criteria received.

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