Burst Geyser Insurance from Outsurance

A burst geyser can be disastrous. The insurance industry spends millions of Rands on claimants suffering from water damage caused by a leaking or burst geyser. Apart from destroying furniture and carpets, it can cause injuries and death.

With geyser insurance, understand your policy and check the wording. You don’t want to find that you do not have adequate cover for burst geysers and their damage. Not all insurance policies are the same. And as a homeowner, you must have proper cover for the replacement costs of your geyser and the resultant damage.

Burst Geyser – Make Sure You Understand What Cover You Have

Policies can vary substantially. Some insure the replacement of the burst geyser but not the resultant damage. On the other hand, others will ask for an excess for each item you claim.

There are some precautionary measures you can take to avoid your geyser bursting and all the costs involved.

Insurance for a Burst Geyser


  • Have your geyser checked out by a qualified plumber occasionally.  The best time is before the Winter sets in. That is important because a worker can check that your geyser has the necessary safety features in place. These include a shut-off valve, the temperature and pressure safety valve and the vacuum breakers. These are all important safety features of your geyser.
  • Make sure the thermostat is functioning properly and that you have not set it too high. The recommended temperature is 60ºC.
  • Get burst geyser insurance.
  • Geyser experts will tell you to check that you have a drip tray as this can safely drain away leaks from a geyser. Outsurance offers burst geyser insurance.

About Outsurance

They started out in1998, providing insurance to South Africans with the promise of ‘you always get something OUT’. Their insurance products are affordable and straightforward, and they offer fixed premiums for a full 12 months. Outsurance will advise you.

  • Get buildings insurance from Outsurance as soon as you can
  • Maintain and service your geyser regularly
  • Make sure that your buildings insurance package will cover you for any loss or damage caused by the leaking or burst geyser, cisterns or water pipes
  • Ensure that with other insurance companies you’ll find that they don’t cover water damage to fitted carpets or furniture and that you’ll have to pay for excesses
  • Make sure that with OutSurance you get full cover for damage caused by your leaking or burst geyser
  • Ensure that if you’ve got contents cover with Outsurance, they’ll pay for the damage to other items such as clothing, bedding, etc.
  • Make sure that regardless of how old your geyser is, only one fixed excess amount applies
  • With their free 24/7 Help@OUT, OutSurance will pay for the call out fee for a plumber as well as the first hour of labour

You MUST Maintain your Geyser

With Outsurance, if you have not maintained your geyser and the leaking or bursting has been because of rust or wear and tear, they won’t cover the geyser, pipes and damage. They will only cover you if you took out their ‘geyser and pipes wear and tear’ cover. This product allows for the full cover for damage, even when rust and wear and tear caused the damage. You need to note that with this cover, you will not have cover for damage occurring within the first year of installation

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