Outsurance Insurance for Cell Phones

You cell phone has your entire life wrapped up. When you lose it or it falls into water, it feels as though your life has ended. Or certainly that it is on hold.

It is precisely why insurance for an expensive phone is so important. Because the cost of some cell phones make them irreplaceable for most people.

Cell phone insurance from 2 difference Sources

If you buy insurance for your phone, you have a couple of options – you can get insurance from your cell phone provider or from a third party company like Outsurance.

Cell insurance covers theft or from accidental breakage when your phone is no longer under guarantee.

Cell Phone Insurance Mobile OutsuranceThis is an insurance company who want to provide clients with excellent products and services, from business insurance to life insurance, car insurance, disability and critical illness cover as well as cell phone insurance.

Put Your Cell Phone with your Contents Insurance

Outsurance knows that cell phone users are bereft without their cell phones.  They invite everyone who already has contents insurance with them to simply call them on 08 600 60 000 so that you can add your cell phone to this particular insurance package.

With contents insurance, Outsurance includes your mobile device with their insurance product range known as Out and About. If you leave home with your cell phone on you, you will have cover.

This Out-and-About covers all those personal possessions you want to have with you when you leave the house. It typically includes things such as music instruments, photographic equipment, jewellery, clothing and cell phones.

We look at what else you get with Outsurance insurance for cell phones –

  • if your phone gets damaged or you lose it, Outsurance will pay to have it fixed or they will replace it. Failing that they will compensate you with a cash amount.
  • The beauty about having cell phone insurance with Outsurance is that they also have fast claims processing and their claims team gets to work quickly to process your claim faster that what you would expect.
  • with insurance from Outsurance, you have cover for your cell phone wherever you are in the world. What is more, you can call Outsurance on +27 12 673 3000 or if you want, give Outsurance the name of a contact person in South Africa who will deal with the claim on your behalf.
  • there are no involved and lengthy insurance documents to fill in.
  • even if you submit a claim, you get an insurance premium guaranteed unchanged for 12 months.
  • you’ll receive 10% of your premiums back in cash. Take note that this is for after 3 claim-free years.
  • a low fixed excess amount

Make Sure you’re Always in Touch

Outsurance is inviting you to give them a call today and they will put together a cell phone insurance package that will work specifically around your particular insurance needs and your budget.


To get a cell phone insurance quote, please complete and submit the form on this page