Should you Bother to get Laptop Insurance?

The last thing you probably think about when you get a new laptop is laptop insurance.

But you need to consider it. This type of insurance is a way of replacing your device if anything happens to it.

If you’re accident prone, you’re going to need insurance for your device. But laptop insurance isn’t just for the clumsy.

Who needs this Insurance in South Africa? It’s for people who want to protect themselves from having to purchase another computer for the second time. Mistakes happen spills, drops, bumps and theft.

If you can’t comfortably pop out and purchase a new computer or pay for repairs, then laptop insurance if for you.

The best Way to prevent Laptop Theft is comprehensive Laptop insurance

Laptop InsuranceTypically comprehensive insurance such as home insurance usually covers household contents and even includes cell phone insurance.

Many insurance companies in SA, such as DialDirect, Virgin insurance and MiWay offer home insurance that covers your electronic devices.

What Should be Covered

It’s always important to know what you’re buying. And that goes for insurance. Laptop insurance quotes should cover a range of things like accidental damages; theft; liquid submersion and power surges. It’s important to know what you want to be insured.

If your laptop has a strong, damage-proof carrier bag, then you might just need theft insurance which is cheap. If you’re a student with a brand new laptop, you might prefer full coverage.

Is Laptop Insurance Worth It?

A lot of people don’t think about insurance for personal items and electronics. They seem to believe that they’ll pay more in premiums than the items are worth. But look at online insurance quotes: laptop insurance is not as much as you think.

While we always hope we won’t have to make use of our insurance policies, it’s still important to remember why they’re essential. It’s not just a monthly payment; it’s there for protection against theft and damage that won’t leave us out of pocket when the unexpected happens.

How much Do you value Your laptop? 

Is it usually used for school or work? Do you have a gallery of unique photos you’d want to retrieve if the laptop is damaged? Do you have an expensive device? Could you easily pay for a brand new one if it’s stolen?

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about laptop insurance. If you realise your laptop is worth protecting, then get a quote today.

The costs of laptop premiums are determined by how much coverage you need; the type of insurance you want and how much you want your monthly premium to be. Can you afford to be without this type of insurance?

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