Cell Phone Insurance from Santam

Santam cell phone insurance, is here to save your life because you could say that if you lose your cell phone, you lose your life.

People in the 21st century have transferred all their personal information onto these devices which they carry with them everywhere.

They use them to do business and to connect with friends and family, and without a cell phone, people feel as though a part of them is missing.

That’s why Santam cell phone insurance is so vital.

Unfortunately, damage and theft are everyday occurrences in South Africa.

Santam cell Phone Insurance – a Stolen cell Phone can be a Costly loss

Santam Cell Phone Insurance Having your cell phone stolen can be a significant loss as mobile phones can be hugely expensive these days.

The amazing technology means they come at a cost. Just look at the camera performance alone. And now with the launch of the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, you’ll be looking at an imported version that costs in the region of R19 000. Having a phone like this stolen or damaged can be beyond devastating.

Cell phone insurance from Santam can help a lot. They want to make sure that you’ve got good cover for your phone. As it is, they also offer cover for other accessories such as your charger and headphones.

Santam Cell Phone Insurance – Insure your Phone with a Trusted Name

People like insuring their cell phones with Santam because they are a well-known, trusted name with short-term insurance. Santam first opened their doors way back in May 1918. They believe that the insurance they provide will add value and peace of mind to their customers.

Get comprehensive cover for your mobile, in case it’s stolen or accidently damaged under the all risks section of your home insurance policy. What is more, Santam also makes provision for cover under your home contents insurance policy for a stolen phone from your home.

Some of their cover options include:

  • Limited Cover insures a stolen phone from your home under your house contents.
  • SOS Services six free SOS services.
  • Excess ranges from R350 to R500.
  • Comprehensive cover for when you specify your phone under the all risks section of your home policy.

Millions of South Africans choose to insure their goods with Santam, who is South Africa’s biggest short-term insurer. In fact, 80 of the top 100 JSE-listed companies are with Santam, they insure risks to the value of more than R4 trillion.

Millions Put their Trust in Santam

Santam is also known for their excellence in settling claims. They have paid 99% of claims just in the past year. They offer other value added services, and if you follow them om Facebook and Twitter, you’ll benefit from weather warnings and safety tips. What is more, they offer Six FREE home-drive chauffeur services a year when you’re over the legal limit.

Your cell phone does so much for you, at a price of course. Call Santam on 0860 505 911 for claims and emergencies.

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