First for Women Insurance for Portables

When you start comparing insurances, South African women are wary. We live In a country where crime is rife. You don’t know who to trust. And the women of South Africa aren’t just on the lookout for value for money insurance. They want an insurance partner of integrity. An insurance partner to trust. First for Women Insurance for portables allows the women of South Africa to live their lives with confidence.

Products and benefits are different; they are specifically for women, unlike the majority of insurance companies in South Africa whose products cater essentially for men.

Insurance Tailored to Women’s Individual Risk Profile

First for Women Insurance for PortablesThis insurance company for women hasn’t gone the same route as other insurance providers. Most of them provide home and car insurance only. 1st for Women Insurance provides insurance for all areas of a women’s life. Their insurance is unique. That’s because the company realised that women drivers have a less risky profile than men drivers. They are simply less likely to have car accidents. To this end 1st for Women car insurance offers significantly lower premiums to the women of South Africa. In fact, whether it’s car insurance or insurance for your bike, trailer, home or even your life, you can phone 1st For Women Insurance on 0860 10 36 95. Or you can complete the quick on-line quote form and get an obligation-free insurance quote.

Cost of Replacing Some Portables is Unthinkable

When you consider how the average price of tablets and other devices has escalated because of their many features, the cost of replacing one is incredible. Choosing the right insurance company isn’t only about low premiums; it’s about choosing an insurance partner you can trust to keep you connected.

First for Women is an insurance company that believes in the transformational power of technology such as cell phones, ipads, and laptops. So First for Woman is proud to be part of insuring these valuable items for women along with their cars, clothing, sunglasses, handbags and jewellery. Their friendly consultants look at the make, model, and age of your portables to assess the value of your precious belongings.

Portables Link a Woman’s Personal Life with their Work

First for Women Insurance understands too well that today women are a force in providing for their families. They are productive contributors to their family’s wellbeing and that portables make them more productive, improving their access to vital information, linking their work and personal lives. With 1stforWoman you can get a range of short term insurance policies and save big time. Apart from insuring portables via First for Women, you can also get life insurance cover, household insurance as well as First for Women car insurance, travel insurance, and others.

First for Women Insurance for Portables Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

South Africa has a well-developed insurance industry and the criteria for choosing the best insurance company is reputation and customer satisfaction. Regent Insurance may provide good life insurance, but the lack of information on their website makes it difficult to determine what they are offering.

FirstforWomen doesn’t only tailor a package that suits women’s needs and their pockets; they provide detailed information on each insurance category. 1st for Women insurance suggests to women that their items such as tablets and smartphones are regarded as high-risk items in the insurance world as they are carried with them always. They shouldn’t be included on the home contents insurance but rather under portables insurance. Of course, if items such as your laptop are used essentially in your home, it will be covered by your Home Contents Insurance policy.

Not yet insured with First for Women Insurance for portables? Just fill in the quote form. You’ll quickly see why the women of South Africa want to share their happy and satisfying insurance experience.

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