All about Renasa Insurance

Renasa knows that life is full of risks, and there are very few of us who can say that our lives have been free from cares and problems.

Things go well for a while, and then without any warning, problems beset us, and despair hits us.

Having insurance helps to protect you and your goods. Insurance works by spreading the costs connected to these risks among a large pool of people who share similar risks.

Renasa Insurance is an A-rated general insurer started in 1998. They have a broad product range and are also involved with work to uplift the poor.

What Renasa Insurance can do for you 

Renasa Renasa provides a financial service and has been around since 2006. They have a solvency margin of 43% and a BBB+ rating from the Global Credit Rating agency. Their operation has three regions – the Central region, Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Renasa offers a broad range of services and products. Apart from the standard domestic and commercial insurance, they also have specialist cover. Many firms rely on their services such as the marine and the farming industries. They also provide all risk insurance for contractors.

A company that looks to the future by using the latest software

A mobile app is available for their customers, designed so that they can access their services in an easy way. Clients also have access to Road Assist.

There is also a panic button for crisis situations where you will be able to call a hospital or police station. The app is available on some devices such as Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc. You can download claims forms on their website. If you have any difficulties, contact their claims department on 011 380 3080.

Insurance for Individuals and Businesses

Established by the International Reliance National group, Renasa service independent intermediaries in South Africa. Since their formation, their client base has grown and today they offer insurance solutions to private individuals as well as businesses. Their head office is in Melrose, Johannesburg and you can call them on + 27 (0)11 380 3080.

In 2004 Renasa Insurance underwent a company make-over and a few factors were brought about with real reinsurance programmes established. This revised business strategy of theirs has produced desirable results with them hoping to achieve many more innovative changes for the better.

Renasa Insurance doesn’t provide the regular kind of insurance products such as personal and contents insurance but rather insurance cover for more specialised areas of the insurance industry such as marine insurance, agricultural insurance and risk insurance for contractors among others. As a fully licensed short-term insurance company, they also provide insurance cover for individuals.

Good and Bad Reviews – It’s Up to You

When you do the research, you’ll find that Renasa Insurance receives both negative and positive reviews from customers about their products and services. It’s up to you compare them with other insurance providers so you can make an informed choice about whether they can offer you what you need.

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