Miway Review

If we lived in a country free of crime we wouldn’t need so much insurance. But South Africa has got one of the highest crime rates and we need insurance for everything. Here is more on home insurance in this Miway review.

Some kinds of insurance are mandatory in the country, while most aren’t required by law. It can be comforting having insurance in place, and some important insurances are for your car and your home.

You’ve got some Good Options – Miway Review

Fortunately, South Africa also has a good selection of insurance providers that cover everything from cars to homes to clothes and jewels, pets, our lives, Miway Reviewour health and even in death we can have funeral cover.

MiWay is a financial services company and also a direct short-term insurer. They offer customers a range of short-term insurance products –


  • motor insurance as well as limited car insurance
  • homeowners- and household insurance
  • business insurance and liability cover
  • building insurance
  • caravan insurance
  • bicycle and motorcycle insurance
  • Chips, Scratch and Dent Cover
  • life insurance
  • credit life insurance

Miway keeps up with changing trends in the country and they were the first company tackling short-term insurance in South Africa to do everything online. They were launched in 2008 and in 2014 they received the Mail & Guardian ‘Top Companies Reputation Index’ Award.

They like to think they are different to other insurance company and they believe these factors make them stand over other insurance companies –

  • all their products, which includes their policy documents, have been designed with ease of understanding
  • their products offer value for money and you won’t find any hidden clauses that will emerge to shock you
  • they offer competitive premiums


Miway is also concerned about making sure to offer customers an awesome experience. They want their customers to enjoy the convenience of the Internet. It’s where they can buy their insurance online, but also make use of the Miway App and manage their financial services portfolio online too. If this doesn’t suit you, you can work through one of their telecentres. They were, in fact, the first South African insurance company to offer and administer short-term insurance policies online.

Dedicated Page to Complain or Praise – Miway Review

To ensure they can deliver they have also created a dedicated website page where Miway customers can share their experiences about Miway on this page, whether good or bad. Everyone can read these reviews and get an idea of what to expect from Miway.

Miway also wants to offer their customers convenience, and they’ve got the Miway App so that users can benefit from an entire suite of services from the palm of their hands.

One of two important features of this app includes online chat and WeDrive Call Bookings. This allows you to party the night away, and have someone drive you safely home. The Capture accident Scene details ensure you always have details on what is required by Miway for when you’re involved in a car accident.

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