Santam Review

There are very few people who, if their goods were stolen, would be able to replace them. Here is a Santam Review for home insurance

In other countries, replacing goods yourself without the help of insurance could work, but in South Africa with the crime rate higher than in most other countries, buying insurance cover is in all likelihood more economical.

The whole idea of insurance, after all, is to see that you don’t incur any huge expenses with your loss. And that your financial position remains pretty much intact.

When you buy short-term insurance, you’re taking out a financial contract so as to protect your assets in the case of loss or damage.

Become one of Santam’s Millions of Policyholders – Santam Review

Santam ReviewSantam is a leading general insurer in South Africa, providing a diverse range of general insurance products and services in parts of Africa and internationally. They serve more than 1 million policyholders who are individuals or business owners.

The Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Trust en Assuransie Maatskappy is what the word Santam stands for. They opened their doors for the first time in 1918 and have their head office in Cape Town.

Santam offers a broad offering of services and products. Their policies offer unique benefits and can be tailored so that they suit each client’s needs. Today Santam is regarded as a powerful trademark, and their yellow umbrella symbolizes their range of cover and the peace of mind they can offer you.

Home Insurance – Santam Review

Santam knows how important your home and possessions are. There is a difference between home owner’s insurance and home contents insurance. Home owner’s insurance or buildings insurance covers the structure of your house and immovable items. While home contents insurance covers everything in your house which you take with you when you leave.

Start-Up Business Insurance – Santam Review

When it comes to a small business, Santam understands that every start-up business is unique. They have in the region of 100 years of experience and plenty of expertise to ensure South African businesses. They make sure that your start-up has proper cover for events such as theft and fire.

For a small sum of about R162 a month, Santam can cover your business for client legal- as well as product liability up to R3 000 000. Included in their insurance package a small business start-up can be covered by the likes of burglary, malicious damage, storms, hail, fire and loss of keys among others.

Apart from the different kinds of insurance that Santam offers, they also have what is known as a one-stop dashboard where you can view all your insurance information. They want to ensure that you can enjoy the convenience and you can –

  • view and track claims according to different dates
  • you can find policy details on all your kinds of insurance – car, home, liability and all risk
  • Santam has risk calculators to work out if you have decent cover
  • you can find all your payment details as well as a history of premiums you have paid
  • you have the means to update your policy such as when you have a change of address


No ‘Buts’ and ‘Ifs’ with Santam

Santam knows that insurance companies make all sorts of promises. The insurance company has always held that they do insurance good and proper, offering top insurance which comes with no ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’.

Santam has a determination to be an insurer who pays rather than an insurer who comes up with lots of reasons why they won’t pay.

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