What types of insurance can I get from Budget ?

Budget Insurance is there for you when your budget is tight.

They cover a complete range products that we use and need today.

What does Budget insurance Offer?

  • A full-range of short-term insurance.
  • Car insurance from third-party fire and theft to comprehensive cover.
  • Household contents insurance.
  • Buildings insurance.
  • Full liability cover.

Budget Insurance is a household name. It has a rep for providing insurance you can afford with great customer service. There are many types of policies you can get at the price you can afford.

Budget insurance and Cars

Budget InsuranceOur, road conditions are not ideal. Potholes, bad drivers and unsafe vehicles on the road make it unwise to drive around uninsured.

When money is tight many people consider cutting out insurance payments. Not a good idea.

Budget has four plans for cars. From comprehensive to basic third party, fire and theft. You choose the level of cover that suits you and get a range of different Assist Benefits as well.

You can get liability cover up to R20 million to ensure that you are completely covered.

Budget insurance and Homes

Your home is important for you and your family. If something should go wrong, it can break you both financially and emotionally. Budget has cover that helps you to soften the blow.

Their home insurance is based on what it actually costs to replace lost, damaged or stolen assets, not their book value, so you can get back on track quickly.

Insurance for Home contents Include

  • Full cover if personal items are damaged, destroyed or lost.
  • Cover if there is a fire, power surge, lightning damage, explosion or water damage from a burst geyser. Damage to the water system, theft or a break-in.
  • Loss of food due to a power failure or a faulty freezer.
  • Washing stolen from the line.
  • Stolen garden furniture.
  • Life cover for you and your partner if you die as a result of a break-in or a fire in the home.
  • Personal belongings of guests staying over or a domestic employee in the home, are insured if a break-in occurs.
  • Premiums include householder’s liability insurance.
  • You can add on a tenant’s liability too.
  • Your domestic employee is covered if they are injured while working at your home.
  • Liability cover up to R20 million, including all forms of liability cover – tenants, domestic and public. Assist Benefits apply here as well.

Budget insurance and Buildings

Buildings insurance covers you in the event of damage to your home for any of the reasons listed above. It does not include cover for the belongings in the home. It can be a cheaper alternative to comprehensive insurance if you are on a tighter budget.