As a homeowner you need Building Insurance from Outsurance.

Outsurance Building Insurance is vital. Even if you own your own home and you do everything  to take care of it.

You never leave the stove on and never had a problem with burst pipes. So, what’s the point in getting insurance on the house or buildings?

After all, if something does happen, repairs won’t cost that much, anyway.

Outsurance Building Insurance – Why building Insurance is Vital

Don’t make the mistake of being under insured. A lot of people do. What happens if your home burns down? What if the land under the building slips?

A burst geyser can damage the walls, carpets, furniture etc. You might require the use of special equipment to dry it all out. And, what if a storm blows your roof off? That’s what building insurance is all about.

Outsurance Building Insurance What Does Outsurance Building Insurance Offer?

Outsurance offers protection against damage or loss that is a result of natural disaster, explosion, subsidence, and fire.

An Outsurance policy covers the structure of the house, fixtures, fittings etc, They arrange for you to stay elsewhere.should you be unable to live in your house,

Why Choose Outsurance?

You want the best possible service. Outsurance has been an industry-leader and trusted household name for many years now.

They offer affordable cover and a range of benefits that do more than just increase the cost. They pride themselves in quick and efficient handling of claims. Their service is what has seen them voted in as the favourite short-term insurer around.

What Outsurance Will Not Cover

They will not cover damages relating to normal wear and tear. Depending on the level of excess you chose, smaller claims might be for your account.

For example, if your excess is R500 and you want to replace a cracked window, the cost would be less than the excess. So it would be for your account.

Which is a good thing because it reduces your overall monthly premium. You could ask for the excesses to be removed but this would increase your premiums by a fair amount.