King Price delivers on it’s promise of insurance for everyone.

Most of us know about King Price Household Insurance. And as the people at King Price will tell you, if you upended your house, anything that fell out they would insure.

And they do mean everything. From the bed sheets to your slippers, and all the expensive electronic devices you own.

King Price household Insurance – What Do they cover?

The cover extends to all who live in the same house as you. You can claim on anything stolen, or damaged.

Also insured are items you take out of your home such as your watch, laptop, phone etc. But you need to specify the items when taking out a policy.

King Price also needs a valuation certificate for any jewellery worth over R15 000. List any Item worth more than R35 000 one at a time on the policy. And keep them in a secure safe when not in use.

King PriceKing Price household Insurance household Insurance – What don’t They cover?

  • Contact lenses
  • Bikes
  • Hearing aids
  • Cellphones
  • Prescription glasses

As they are not covered under your standard contents cover, insure these items separately by specifying them. However, this will increase your premium. The good news is that if you also insure your car through them, you can get these items covered for only R1 a month.

King Price household Insurance – getting Enough Insurance

Do you know what the contents of your house are worth? Walk through each room, make a list of everything and total up the prices of everything that you bought. That’s a good estimate of the value, isn’t it?

Actually it’s not! Most people list the price they paid. Try and buy the same TV at the price you paid for it three years ago. You need to base the amount on the replacement value.

This is a major mistake many of us make. We guess at how much insurance we need without doing any research. Then we get upset when the pay out is a lot less than we need to get things back to the way they should be.

Protect yourself

You can protect yourself against being under insured by following our advice. It is also a good idea to go through the same exercise once a year and update your cover if it proves necessary.

Being properly insured is important because losing items that you own can be inconvenient at best, and traumatic at worst. Choosing the right insurer means that you have less stress and worry to handle going forward.