Compare cell phone insurance deals right here!

Compare cell phone Insurance and get the best deal. Remember, we live in a crime-ridden country and cell phones are not immune from theft.

Cell phones cost a small fortune. And not many people can find another R2 000 to R20 000 to replace the phone they’ve just had stolen. Stay ‘connected’ with cell phone insurance.

Compare cell phone Insurance – But it Takes time and ‘legwork’ to Do this?

You can find many excellent cell phone insurance deals out there, but by the time you’ve looked at just a few, frustration and confusion sets in as to which to choose. That’s where can help. They take the ‘work’ out of legwork.

Compare cell phone Insurance – Hippo do All the Comparing for You

Hippo not only gets quotes for you, they also :

  • Give useful information on how insurance works
  • Advise you on the different types of cover
  • Tell you how much the insurance costs
  • Show you how prices compare
  • Give tips on how to reduce insurance costs
  • Compare and present you with the best insurance deals on offer

Compare cell phone InsuranceMany people, through lack of time to research prices, tend to pay a lot more on insurance just to be done with it. You can trust Hippo to compare and come up with insurance quotes that you can afford and meet your needs.

Who is  Hippo to Compare cell Phone Insurance?

Launched in 2007 they became the best known comparison website

  • Hippo work hand in hand with a number of partners which include some leading insurance, and finance firms.
  • Partners are carefully chosen to ensure their clients get the best deals.
  • You don’t have to call or drive around to find the cheapest quote.
  • Save time, money and inconvenience.
  • They put the best provider in touch with you.
  • You save hundreds of Rands each month by making use of new technology.
  • Hippo’s web service is managed and run by leading web developers to ensure competitive quotes
  • Free to use
  • All you do is complete the quote form and wait for results.

Hippo remains Totally unbiased

They are totally unbiased and don’t favour any particular provider. Hippo simply match you with the best one according to the information you provide.

Paying for a phone on contract that’s stolen, means paying for a phone you don’t have. Now you’ve got to pay off your new phone too. This can be a massive financial setback and you need to get quotes quickly.

You may Suffer financial Loss while Looking for Your own Quotes

Take note of what Hippo can present you with, because with quick, cheap cell phone insurance, you needn’t have to deal with financial loss.

Hippo simply allows you to compare quotes from many different insurers quickly. You’re free to compare according to price as well as what the product covers and excludes.