Keep in touch with cell phone insurance from Vodacom.

Vodacom cell phone insurance is vital especially when you’ve brought your new R15 000 (or more) cell phone home with its amazing features.,

You know that if this “must-have” gadget goes missing, there is absolutely no way that you can ever replace it.

Vodacom cell Phone insurance Protects you Against fate

Without cell phone insurance, you’ll always feel nervous with such an expensive phone on you. What happens if you drop it, lose it or someone steals it? For a small fee each month, you have protection against all of that.

The low cost of Vodacom cell Phone insurance Makes insuring Easy

With Vodacom cellphone Insurance covering you against loss, theft or damage for a mere R19 per month, its seems madness  not to have insurance. Vodacom is a leading African communications company providing a wide range of services.

Vodacom cell phone insuranceVodacom offers Cellphone, laptop and table insurance

Some aspects to note with their insurance –

  • Stolen or lost cellphones replaced within 48 hours through their nationwide network.
  • Choose to insure your mobile device comprehensively or just for damage.
  • Easy claims process, everything done online.

Some of Vodacom’s insurance products –

  • Comprehensive Insurance – Covers water damage, theft, loss and accidental damage. For just R19 a month you also get worldwide cover.
  • Accidental Damage – Water damage and accidental damage. Worldwide cover for just R19 a month.
  • Specified Insured Extras – Loss, theft, water damage for R75. For those with comprehensive insurance. Only accessories stocked by Vodacom insured.

Damaged phones Invite more Trouble and Costs

Vodacom knows that without cover, repairing and replacing a phone might be impossible for most people. For instance, screen cracks as well as a shattered screen cost a small fortune as does investing in a new battery.

A cellphone with a shattered screen invites more damage, because the phone becomes less water resistant. Get peace of mind for R19 a month and have a new lease on life.

Your monthly bill includes your premium (for contract and top up customers). Remember that only cellphones less than 30 days old can be insured.

Get a Vodacom cell Phone insurance quote

Get a quote by calling  011 844 2800 or send an email to You may not always have the option to get your phone fixed if it breaks.

Unexpected emergencies Covered

There are many people who believe that cell phone insurance is a waste of money. They never drop their phones or lose them. But, there are also people who spend a lot of money on an expensive phone, only to have it stolen a few days later.

If you had to pay R400 a month for insurance, one could understand trying to get by without insurance. But cellphone insurance from Vodacom for just R19 a month   come on!