Personal Insurance made easy

Insurance policies, like personal insurance, household insurance, life insurance and building insurance, is essential to have.

Insurance protects you and your dependents financially on a daily basis during a time of crisis or great difficulty.

However, it is crucial to understand that there are wide ranges of insurance policies and products that cover an individual differently, and there is a range of premiums available.

Understanding the different types of insurance covers such as personal insurance will make it easier to take out cover that is suited to your needs.

What is personal Insurance and Why do I need it?

Personal insurance

Personal insurance is the insurance that covers against factors like the risk of death, injury, illness, or expenses that might arise due to illness.

As a business owner, you can also take out personal insurance that protects your business.

With personal insurance, provided by insurance companies such as Mutual and Federal, Santam and Old Mutual, you are looking at different types of cover that fall under the personal insurance umbrella.

The type of Personal insurance you can Get includes:

  • Income protection
  • Critical illness
  • Total or permanent disability
  • Life insurance
  • Liability
  • Legal Advice
  • Cell Phone Cover
  • Funeral Cover

Each insurance company may have an extra or even a different product added into their insurance cover. Therefore, it’s advisable to compare insurance quotes to see that what you are paying for meets your requirements.

One of the products that fall under the personal insurance umbrella is personal liability insurance. Liability insurance, provided by a firm like Discovery Insure, is a type of insurance that protects the insured against anyone who would like to impose a lawsuit against the insurer. This insurance protects against any third party insurance claims.

Personal accident Insurance

Accidents occur due to human error, but, if you have fallen victim to such an event you have to be covered. Another insurance product is personal accident insurance. Personal accident insurance is there to provide financial protection if you are in an accident, admitted to hospital or disabled due to an accident.

When you have personal accident insurance, you are covered for death or injury.

  • Death – In the event of accidental death, your beneficiaries of you estate receives an amount as death cover.
  • Injury – If you suffer an injury, a lump sum is paid out. If you should suffer an injury, for example, hearing loss that is not that devastating, you can still receive a percentage of the sum.

Always make sure that you read the fine print. Some exclusions might prevent the insurance from paying.

Get an Online Insurance quote for Personal insurance

If you do not have insurance, you need to consider it. With access to the internet, it is easy to obtain car insurance, life insurance and personal insurance quotes.
Every insurance company will have a contact page there you can fill in your details or questions. Once you have completed the form, submit it by clicking on the send entry button.

If you are looking to compare more than one online quote, you can use Hippo, one of the best quote comparing platforms where you can compare several insurance quotes from insurance companies at once.

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