Household Insurance plans to benefit your house and family

Discovery’s household insurance plans for contents and structure will go a long way in protecting your household items. You have 24-hour protection against theft, fire, storm, rain, wind and hail damage or vandalism.

Discovery offers you many options which meet your needs. They also cater for all budgets.

Their plan guides help you to decide. The different plans are the Classic Plan, their Executive Plan and their Essential Plan.

Discovery Household Insurance plans offer benefits that are hard to ignore

Household insurance plans

Each plan has unique service benefits that include your household insurance.

If you have your home contents assessed correctly and insured, then Discovery pay your claim in full. Your house claims assessed within 24 hours, or they will waive your excess!

Home burglaries overrun South Africans. They realise just how exposed these thefts leave them and their family. Discovery has a Home Protector plan where they provide you with security up to 48 hours after the break-in has occurred. They even provide you with a safe place to stay if you so require.

A HomeAssist plan can help you with any emergency house repairs you might need like plumbing, electrical or locksmith problems.

Household Insurance Plans – The Classic Plan

Discovery’s Classic Plan offers a complete cover with rewards. The Classic Plan covers loss or damage to your TV or audio equipment from a power surge. You are even insured against loss from an uninsured event if you are away from home.

If your family suffers trauma and stress as a result of a robbery, violence, fire, etc. Then your family each benefit from 4 sessions of professional counselling.

The Classic Plan also has an Online Vault making it possible for you to safely store any important documents. Discovery might waive the basic excess amount if you need to claim and the vital documents are on the Online Vault.

Household insurance plans -Additional benefits

You can enhance your household cover with the Classic Plan by adding more insurance benefits. The extras include increased cover for your household contents.

Another benefit is the 60 days unoccupied cover. If your house has no tenants for longer than 60 days in a row, the plan insures against damage from a break-in. There should be visible signs of forced and violent entry to the house after a theft.

Another insurance extra you can have is the Comprehensive Subsidence and Landslip cover. This covers loss or damage which might have been caused by soil shrinkage or expansion. Soil movement occurs when there is excess underground water in the soil.

Household Insurance Plans – Choose a plan that suits your house

The Classic Plan is just an example of what you can expect in the Executive as well as the Essential Plans. For a full list of the household insurance benefits and plans, as well as limits and excesses, refer to the Discovery Plan Guide.

Protecting your property is vital in South Africa as we can’t be home 24 hours a day. There are many options available that cover the structure and contents of your house and the lives of the occupants.

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