Don’t find out about the importance of household insurance when it’s too late

What is household insurance and do you need it? The answer is yes. The importance of household insurance is vital, even if you are only renting the house or flat.

Without it, you risk ending up with nothing if your place gets cleaned out. A man’s home is his castle but, to a woman, it is her sanctuary. Protecting it from adverse events is vital.

Women’s insurance plans take this into account and protect the assets that women place the highest value on.

The importance of household insurance

As with any cover, there are different household insurance policies to choose from, which cover various aspects of your home. You can get individual insurance policies for each aspect or combine two or more of them to suit your needs.

Importance of household insuranceBuilding insurance is that which covers the solid structures of your property such as walls, roof and swimming pool.

Building cover insures you against damage to the structure from acts of nature like a burst geyser, theft or fire.

It also includes the cost of a fire brigade call-out and a temporary place to stay in the event of the house not being livable. There is also a liability to cover damage to other people’s goods and much more.

Household contents insurance
Contents insurance covers all the valuable, movable items contained in your home and guards against theft, damage, power surges and breakage among other things.

House cover insures all portable goods like clothing, cameras, cell phones and laptops when you travel with them.

There is also a portable goods cover which protects items of little value but which are sentimental items to their owner.

Always ask questions about your household insurance if you are unsure

When buying a house policy, ask questions about what the insurance covers and what it does not. Know the answers, don’t wait until you submit your insurance claim to find out.

If you already have a household insurance policy, ask the questions now, And plug any gaps you find. Don’t wait until it is too late!

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