Insurance against load shedding protects your home appliances.

When there is not enough power on Eskom’s grid to supply the country’s demand, the electricity supplier resorts to loadshedding.

Eskom interrupts the power supply to certain areas in order to avert a total breakdown.

Unlike random power blackouts, load shedding follows a scheduled shut down in different regions around the country.

While this is good for South Africa as a whole at a time of acute power shortage, it can have a bad effect. The regular break in power puts homeowners at risk of losing household appliances due to the effect of power surges.

Loadshedding creates more expense and uncalled for concern

LoadsheddingWhen restored, the power comes at a high voltage, beyond the rating of your TV, fridge or computer.

This abnormal voltage can destroy these items by causing them to short-circuit or develop other electrical faults. Of course, no one wants their computer, stove etc. destroyed in such a manner. But if they are, what then?

Loadshedding, Insurance and you

This is why you need insurance. Insurers have created a variety of products to protect your property and valuables against Eskom.

You can take a policy to cover all the assets in your home, including electronics, or you could take a policy on individual items.

However, many of the policies do not specifically protect you from damage caused by power surges. You may find one that will compensate for lightning damage. but that’s as far as they go. Most of them won’t cover the unwanted effects of loadshedding.

Take out an additional policy that safeguards you from load shedding losses 

Before you do, there are some steps you can take to protect equipment from surges. Unplug them whenever they’re not in use, it can make a big difference. Or invest in power guards that absorb the effect of power surges before it gets to your appliances.

Another risk raised by frequent power breaks are home alarm systems may fail to respond. Should the alarm not go off, insurers have grounds for not paying your claim. You should test your alarm system during loadshedding to ensure the backup battery is working.

Criminal activity increases in times like this and you should be extra vigilant. Ensure your house is always locked whether you’re in or out and be aware of who and what is around you when entering or leaving.

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