Use spring cleaning to take stock of your home contents

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to create a detailed inventory of the contents of your home.

After a fire, burglary or weather damage, an accurate list of everything you have saves time when dealing with an insurance company.

According to an Insurance article, claims with a detailed inventory get processed over fifty times faster.

Funds are provided much more rapidly if you have an accurate and up to date list.

The Hannover insurance company has some tips for homeowners about how to create a time-saving list.

How spring cleaning can supply your home contents list

Spring cleaningWork through your home room by room, listing all the items that are of value. Include descriptions, purchase price and where and when you bought the item. Appliances should have the serial numbers noted.

Take photos of each wall and major furniture pieces in the room. All cupboard doors should be open, showing the contents. You can also scan the room with a video camera.

Listing involves a lot of work initially, but once you have the list, updating is easy.

To update your list, photograph new items as you add them and remove old ones as you dispose of them.

When it comes to claiming, most people are unprepared

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of policyholders do not have a list of their household goods. However, with technology today, you can make use of home computers and smartphones to capture pics, input details and store them online.

The Hannover vice president recommends the MyHanoverInventory program. It’s easy to use the web tool, and it’s free to customers.

Most people have a home inventory of sorts but many fail to maintain and keep it current. Also, recent gifts and new items are often not included, therefore, regular updates are a good idea.

Once you have an inventory, you should check with your insurance company, to establish that your policy covers the listed items.

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