Dealing with load shedding in a routine manner

It’s time to start dealing with load shedding, as It’s now clear that load shedding is here to stay.

Many months later, people have still not realised the risk of damage the power outage can pose to their goods.

When the power comes back, it returns at a higher voltage. This surge is more than home appliances can sustain. Fridges, TVs and other sensitive electronics go down quickly.

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A recent survey shows that more than 60% of homes did not take any steps to prevent the surges from damaging their goods. And a third of the people spoken to said they had lost an appliance to load shedding.

South Africa not dealing with load shedding through Generators

Dealing with load sheddingOnly 21% of the sample used generators to cover the blackout periods. And of these only a third used SABS-approved ones.

These are the lucky ones, the majority, have to make do with other light sources that are a safety risk. People use candles, gas and paraffin lamps, which can easily start a fire.

Besides fire, there is the risk of a burglary while the lights are out. Thieves use darkness as well as the fact that alarms and electric fences don’t work either.

Dealing with load shedding in a sensible way

An underwriting manager at Sanlam urged homeowners to take steps to reduce these risks. Owners of home security systems should regularly check that their batteries are fully charged. Which ensures that they will work during power outages.

However, most homeowners with security prefer to keep their fingers crossed and hope that nothing will happen.

Another simple measure you can take to deal with the risks of load shedding is investing in surge protection. You can buy a protector for individual devices or get a surge protector for your mains board.

When it comes to alternative lighting, battery-operated lamps, LED lights or solar lamps are a much safer alternative to candles or gas. Get free comparative home insurance quotes on line.