Get Caravan Insurance before the Holidays begin

Do you need to think about caravan insurance before you set off on holiday? You should, or it could end up being a holiday in hell.

For many, a caravan trip is an ultimate trip Not only can you outfit your caravan to be a home away from home, but you get to enjoy peace and quiet. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But you have to think about insurance before you set off!

Let’s be realistic – a lot can go wrong on a trip, and it’s never at the right time, the best thing to do is get caravan cover before you head off on your holidays.

Holidays are expensive as it is and you don’t want to spend a fortune on caravan finance. Cheap caravan cover gives you affordable and adequate insurance which frees you to enjoy your road trip. And there’s no need to worry about extra expenses if something happens.

Caravan Insurance for Your home away from Home

Caravan InsuranceFrom Auto & General to Budget and most other vehicle insurers, you can shop around for insurance and compare insurance premiums.

You’ll find the costs reasonable and a small price to pay for peace of mind on your holidays. A quick Google for insurance reviews can help you decide on the best insurer for you.

If you prefer to go on your travels with a caravan in tow, you cannot hit the road without insurance. Even simple caravan insurance will cover your caravan and the contents inside. The best insurance will offer comprehensive protection against loss, theft and accidental damage and damage to third party property.

What does Caravan Insurance cover?

When shopping around for insurance quotes, think about what you want your policy to cover. Auto & General, for example, includes:

  • Cover for third party injuries and damages
  • Towing and storage of the vehicle provided you use the insurance company’s tow line to tow the caravan to the nearest panel beater or dealer
  • Insurance for the caravans standard, factory, fitted accessories
  • Theft or accidental damage to the caravan
  • Optional insurance for hail damage.

Caravan Insurance Companies

There are some caravan insurance companies from which to choose. If you’re looking for a caravan to buy, start shopping around from insurers like Old Mutual; First for Women and even Dial Direct. Typically caravan insurance will require that the vehicle is used solely for domestic and social purposes.

Caravan Insurance for Loose Contents

It’s a good idea to make sure your caravan insurance includes cover for loose contents. This type of cover typically includes:

  • Loss or damage to personal possessions
  • Theft of personal possessions
  • Loss or damage to your family’s personal possessions
  • Theft of household’s personal possessions

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