Trailer Insurance Lets You Travel Safely

With plenty of sunshine and holidays, there are loads of fun activities to enjoy through South Africa. If you’re planning a trip to one of SA’s top holiday destinations, you might want to take your jet ski or quad bike with you. And for that you’ll need travel trailers. You’ll also need trailer insurance.

Popularity of Trailers in SA

Check out trailers for sale and you’ll notice they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes with different uses. Heading to the Wild Coast? Take your jet skis to any number of scenic spots. Or cross the border to Mozambique complete with quad bike, caravan and trailers. But don’t forget your trailer insurance should anything go wrong.

If you’re big on camping and outdoor sports, no doubt you’re familiar with Venter Trailers. These even come with bike roof racks. They make the perfect camping trailers that can fit the family’s belongings and all the camping equipment. These camp trailers contribute to the ultimate in comfortable camping.

Trailer Insurance

Trailer InsuranceJust like car insurance, trailer insurance in essential. Different types of camping trailers and small camping trailers are perfect for additional packing space. You’re not left wondering how to fit the family’s luggage and camping equipment into the car. But things go wrong and you don’t want to be left out of pocket on your holidays.

Where to Get Travel Insurance

Many insurance companies offer travel insurance South Africa. Check out these companies:

  • Regent travel insurance
  • Schengen travel insurance
  • TIC travel insurance
  • Virgin insurance

They’ll help with covering your travel requirements. But what about trailer insurance?

Companies Offering Trailer Cover

For this type of insurance you have a variety of choices too, including Budget Car insurance and AA insurance. Trailer insurance usually covers you for:

  • Accidental damage to the trailer
  • Trailer insurance against theft
  • Third party damages trailer insurance
  • Cover for standard factory fitted accessories
  • Additional trailer insurance for loose contents

How to Tow a Trailer Safely

You need to make sure that your trailer is legal and that you tow it in a way that doesn’t breach road rules. This includes:

  • Having a trailer registration certificate or licence disk
  • Adhering to the speed limit for towing
  • Sticking to the towing capacity of your vehicle
  • Adhering to brake requirements and stopping distances
  • Adhering to overhang and width/height restrictions
  • Knowing whether one or more trailers is allowed to be towed
  • Knowing whether carrying of passengers is allowed or not
  • Having the required warning panels and flags for overhang
  • Requirements for extra mirrors for towing larger trailers

Get Trailer Insurance Today

You can get online insurance quotes quickly and easily for trailer insurance. Simply fill in the form on this page and submit it. Our insurance experts will get back to you with tailored insurance solutions.